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  1. Hey guys, so i setup my wcing bot to cut magic logs. It was going all smoothly and i kept checking every 10 hours. Here is a proggy: http://i.imgur.com/Fm0ehWN.png As you can see from that proggy i had 3375 logs cut and i had checked in the bank 8 hours before i went to sleep that i had 2700 logs. I woke up this morning and checked the bank and i find only 900 logs. WTF
  2. I can do this, add my skype : abdul-anas
  3. I can do this. Add my skype :Abdul-anas ( at school atm, lyk when im back)
  4. ibby


    this is funny
  5. Can you possibly add alching?
  6. Get me any price you find on tribot for the service you need, and i will do it half price.
  7. I may not be trusted on here, but i run services on other botting sites. AS you can see, im doing half price deals for nearly everything just to increase my feedback.
  8. Hey guys! Welcome to my AIO services shop! I've been here at Tribot for close to a year now and i have finally decided to start an AIO service on here. I'm very experienced at runescape and i can provide a range of different services. I hope that you guys will enjoy my AIO services and i will do my best to make you as my customer proud and satisfied as possible. TOS (terms of services) 1. I reserve the right to decline any orders. 2. I will not be responsible for any bans or mutes (before/after/during) the service. 3. While i am doing the service, you can not change the password during the service and/or login to the account during a service, if you do so, your order will be canceled and i will not refund your payment. 4. All the payments must go to me first, or we can use a middle man 5. After The service is completed you must leave a feedback! Before i start your order, you will have to post your order on this thread below! By posting below you accept my T.O.S
  9. Cannot find npc master farmer, i keep refreshing
  10. Bracelet making doesnt work. Says cannot find moul when the mould is in inventory
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