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    Need work. I program HTML, CSS, PHP, and C#.
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  1. Confirming that I'm cloud.nine1999 on Skype @4:07PM Central US Time 1/30/2014

  2. Yeah I'mma do all that later. And I'll make it so u can disable it if u want.
  3. Cloudnine

    Setting Up TRiBot On Linux

    Totally agree bro. And as for the cron jobs, yeah I never really thought to use that for botting, sounds like a pretty smart idea.
  4. Cloudnine

    Setting Up TRiBot On Linux

    Right click it and allow it to be executable. Then run it with java
  5. Selling 07GP. Selling socks proxies for TRiBot.

  6. Cloudnine

    [OS] Path Maker

    The draw on minimap feature seems like it'd be reallyy helpful. Will definitely check this out.
  7. Lol oops. I modified the name of mine and added a space. Forgot to change the search. Fixing now.
  8. Not sure I have a lot to do right now. Esp with the random solvers. I'm having to fix an acc every 15 minutes.
  9. Ah, okay. I'll add an option for that later on. Thanks.
  10. I'll be making that soon. It will be a separate script.
  11. Cloudnine

    Trade Class

    A lot of ppl are going to start making merchers your code will probably get leeched. Be careful.
  12. Cloudnine

    Trade Class

    I may as well just go and release my tab makers source. jk ;p