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    Need work. I program HTML, CSS, PHP, and C#.
    About to start scripting again.

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  1. Plenty of them. I have an i7 with half your ram. I can run 20 and still game. It's not the quantity though, it's the quality. I would run high profit bots in small amounts. Less work for the same profit. More start up work, but it's worth it in the long run. Bans will hurt like hell though, so use really nice proxies. Don't cheap out when it comes to botting, and you'll make your money back.
  2. You need to make your bot look like a real player. Don't use recycled proxies. Don't use IPs that have bans for botting. Don't make multiple accounts in one week on one IP.
  3. Yeah that's just a coincidence lol. I've had this screen name since I was in 7th grade. Cloudnine means euphoria.
  4. Haha yeah. You pretty much encouraged me to come back.
  5. Ah. I just learned of this. I've been away for a while. Well I suppose I'll have to make something else then. xD
  6. I'm back again. I wanted to address a few things people message me about quite a bit. I'm likely going to start scripting again. I'm better at programming now. (HTML, CSS, PHP, Java, C#) At one point I had a pretty nice auto mercher released. I might rewrite it if I see that it's profitable. I also had a clay humidifier up, I've had about 30 messages asking if I would update it, I'll probably rewrite that as well. Why did I leave? I was impatient, thus started to lose money. I also wanted to try new things for a while. Why have I returned? I miss TRiBot, and it's time to start making money again. I'm hoping to start a business next year, so make me rich guys. Lol.
  7. I'd probably make my own virtualization software. The resources wouldn't be shared. You'd have your own dedicated RAM.
  8. What do you think a VPS with the following processor should cost monthly? Intel Core i7 4th gen 3.4Ghz (x8 Core = 27.2Ghz) (Price Per GB of RAM)
  9. What exactly are you looking for? (Spec wise)
  10. They add new pokemon all the time. They also made the combat system a lot smoother.
  11. Agreed. Lol.
  12. I need a .psd file with the proper textures, layers, etc.. in order to make this banner say whatever else I want it to say, with the same text style as the original image. I do have rights to use this image, I did not steal it. After the job, you may not use the image for anything else, or sell it to anyone else. If I'm paying for something privately, it shouldn't be sold or used elsewhere. Requirements You simply need to be able to replicate the image with different text, and make it look just like the original image. I would like to see some of your work beforehand. If you don't think you can make something look just as nice as the original image, then don't take this job. You are allowed to grab whatever you can from the original image, such as colors, textures, or whatever else you can salvage from the .png image. Pay We'll discuss the pricing. If you're good with photoshop, it won't take long to do. Contact Skype me. Skype button in my signature.
  13. Confirming that I'm cloud.nine1999 on Skype @4:07PM Central US Time 1/30/2014

  14. Lol omg I'm not the only one who gets this way.. I thought I was weird.