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  1. WarCrazy

    OSRS dicing?

    How does dicing even work with no dice in the game? What are they using?
  2. TricombatAio and NMZ are my favorite bots. NMZ is a low ban rate naturally so I give A LOT of credit to tri. His script is solid and so much anti ban features and customization.
  3. I had this issue for a few days but it's gotten better.. I think it was RS's servers? Happened to me once yesterday.
  4. I use TRIAIO Combat and Magic. Recommended and tons of features.
  5. I'm talking about on the forum. The two users above you basically stated I will be banned on this forum for luring. I PM'd a mod to check it out but haven't heard anything.
  6. We're not allowed to lure in game? Back in the day, luring wasn't even considered scamming... Even Jagex themselves said they get plenty of warnings before danger zone with their items. I know Jagex has changed their perspective on this but jeez.
  7. EDIT: Apparently, luring is against the rules on the forum and is considered scamming which potentially breaks forum rules for out of site scamming. I don't condemn breaking forum rules, only Jagex's rules lol. Will talk to a moderator and either get this deleted or OK'd.
  8. I can't get this to run.. Just purchased and I thought I went through the settings well (sloppy gui/sloppy to nagivate for constructive critisism) and I just can't get it to run. I set my primary wep ID and set my inventory up for prayer pops and 4 overloads. I debugged to get ID's. I set it up for hard custom as well. Anyways, it just walks to the bank and continues trying to draw stuff out and just keeps saying "lolwat" in the loader log.... Won't start or do anything. EDIT: Looks like it's trying to draw addy darts out after it checks my blowpipe which already have 6k+ darts loaded in it. It's trying to draw more darts out of my bank.. EDIT2: Manually loaded the darts into blowpipe and it's going into game now. Will post back results. EDIT3: Bot has made several successful runs as well as banking/restocking and re-entering.
  9. I couldn't do rs3. I'm sure if I forced myself to give it enough time I would like it but not as much as osrs.
  10. WarCrazy

    Safe to bot?

    Agility scares me. I got to 48 for RFD and I'll have to level it again for other requirements but it seems agility is one of the higher ban rates just from analyzing other users claiming bans. I baby sit agility and personally will mis click and drink a Stam pot at random times to seem more human like.
  11. These aren't too hopeful considering you started with 90 str by hand. I just returned to runescape about a month ago with a new account since I didn't have a osrs acct since I quit after EoC. I have 85 str, 80 range, 70 magic so far and all the stats I need for major quest such as RFD, DT, MM, ETC. (I've done them all except for rfd) I was going to make a similar post once I maxed all my combats out if I made it that far. Whether I release my safe methods is tbd. Happy you're getting gains!
  12. Seeing so many nervous people about doing agility as far as bans go, I just wanted to say I needed 48 agility for recipe of disaster and went from 37 agility to 48 with this. Will eventually need to get 70 agility for some other things but I got what I needed for now and no ban although I wont be touching it for awhile. But yeah, just saying it's not "instant ban".
  13. If those don't come through, I got the money now. Skype : MtnDewLov3r or Pure.Spider
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