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  1. contemporary

    [ABCL 10] ExShopper - AIO Shop Buyer & Seller

    Bot now often fails to deposit items to bank, hovering over an item, not depositing, and skipping to next item (type). Once all items are checked, it starts from item #1 again, which can also fail. This is making banking trips take twice as long, and looks suspect. If this is a Tribot issue, can you add a failsafe for this? @erickho123
  2. contemporary

    TRiBot Release 9.308_6

    Bot now very often skips items in inventory when depositing to bank. It hovers mouse over an item, but doesn't deposit and moves to next item. After all inventory items are cycled through, bot moves back to first item and tries to deposit again, which can also fail. This makes banking trips take a lot longer than they should, and looks suspect. @TRiLeZ
  3. Doesn't work properly, withdraws incorrect amount of items. @Trillez
  4. There hasn't been a new update after the initial one. Banking issues are still present for everyone, we'll have to wait a bit more.
  5. Banking wasn't fixed @Trillez
  6. contemporary

    TriBot Update

    Banking doesn't work after patch as well. @Trillez @Todd
  7. Great job with the fixes! Did you manage to take a look into emergency teleport misbehaving after worldhops? Last time I used it, script would emergency teleport right after each worldhop, even if triggers aren't met. For example, it teleports due to being out of prayer pots, with 20 pots still in inventory. The best new feature I'd love to see is anti-stuck when fighting near ladders/stairs. If bot fights in an area with a ladder/stairs and accidently clicks them, it gets stuck and can't return to combat area. ExShopper solved this by allowing to configure EXACT stairs/action names (for example, "Stairs/Climb-down") within the script, and clicking them if detected. Similar option would be awesome.
  8. contemporary

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

  9. contemporary

    Universal Web Walker [Open Source]

    We're having a next level conversation. Thank you for your input. Take a look into the issue with paying Samniboch when you have the time, @daxmagex.
  10. contemporary

    Universal Web Walker [Open Source]

    Game state is constant 30, I'm not sure how I can get "game setting" value in default Tribot client. You can test it yourself (and possibly get the changed game setting value), the bug is easy to reproduce. Create a profile to go to a waypoint inside Brimhaven dungeon, then start walker outside dungeon. It'll get stuck in a loop trying to pay Samniboch 100% of the times.
  11. contemporary

    Universal Web Walker [Open Source]

    Game settings or game state? DaxWalker doesn't try to enter the dungeon, it gets stuck in a loop before that - while trying to pay Saniboch.
  12. contemporary

    Universal Web Walker [Open Source]

    Can't enter Brimhaven dungeon, it gets stuck in a loop trying to repeatedly pay Saniboch.
  13. Bug: Emergency Teleport fires incorrectly after each worldhop. Tested with "Teleport when out of prayer pots" and "Teleport when HP is below". Likely script tries to get inventory items/HP values before game world is loaded and teleports when nothing is found. @Tri
  14. contemporary

    jagex and gdpr

    We're speculating about them using more than just IPs to link accounts together. Making a Freedom of Information request is an interesting idea though, let us know how it goes. If I understand correctly, collecting any identifiers of their EU customers would violate GDPR as well starting next month.