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  1. No update to the new login message? This new OSRS message is uniform and Tribot can't handle it, so a lot of sessions now stop prematurely. It can happen due to disconnect, 6hour forced logout, world hopping, etc. https://gitlab.com/trilez-software/tribot/TRiBot-Issues/issues/134
  2. It got stuck there trying to move 1 tile uphill during firemaking. Destination coordinates might be off by 1 because I tried to recreate it later, after stopping script, from sight. Script was clicking same spot and failing to move for some time before I caught it.
  3. Script often gets stuck while attempting to burn logs on tiles with "Daisies" (and I think other types of flowers). Example location of such tile: 3193,3372,0 It also got stuck in a loop attempting to climb a hill - kept clicking a tile it couldn't walk to and didn't recover. Example: standing on 3181,3374,0 and trying to walk to 3180,3373,0. @wastedbro
  4. Script hasn't been updated, and the issues mentioned above are still happening. In it's current state, it's unusable without constant manual supervision.
  5. Tile burning lane finding algorithm doesn't seem to work properly. Testing Varrock West default location, Trees, algorithm is searching for tiles multiple times each inventory, each search taking ~55 seconds, and sometimes never finds a lane. The lane searching part of woodcutting/burning takes longer than the actual tasks or cutting and burning each inventory (5 minutes on average). It would be great if you added a feature to define several custom burning lanes in settings that bot can use after reaching full inventory - this would save time algorithm is wasting, and would decrease the need to keep perfecting it.
  6. Something different, definitely interesting
  7. If you're on warpath of making this script great again(tm), you can also improve the way "walking to a random spot within combat area" works. I'm sure you know what I'm talking about - script clicks to walk to a tile after every kill. It would be great if script would check for loot on the ground before walking to tile - as is now, it loots a lot of unneeded trash by accident, if it clicks to walk to tile that has trash on it.
  8. Still getting exceptions that stop script, this is from just now: [22:33:26] java.lang.NullPointerException [22:33:26] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.L(AIOABCL2.java:19302) [22:33:26] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.M(AIOABCL2.java:19624) [22:33:26] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.x(AIOABCL2.java:19322) [22:33:26] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.q(AIOABCL2.java:4115) [22:33:26] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.run(AIOABCL2.java:4005) [22:33:26] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) @Optimus
  9. The ideal case would be to fix the old method to be able to detect when target is on the edge of the screen, and move closer if it is (to avoid endless clicking loop). Everywhere else the old method was working well afaik. Dax accurate mouse is having a lot of difficulties clicking targets properly, especially when bot is moving, to a point where it's almost unusable with any Client Paint Delay, higher cpu load or slight connection lag. All of these conditions are standard for botters running multiple accounts. Here's an illustration of what I mean about dax'es accurate mouse being awful: https://imgur.com/a/rGuwWpw
  10. Sounds great. On a side-note, it seems you've started using dax'es accurate mouse to click on monsters. It has some issues with "micro-adjustments" at end point, where mouse cursor performs multiple small movements in rapid succession before clicking every new monster. This is especially noticeable if character is moving. That wasn't happening (to a naked eye) in previous Tri AIO versions - would you consider adding an option to use "old way" of clicking monsters? It seemed vastly superior, even if a bit more cpu intensive.
  11. This new exception stops script unexpectedly now: [22:02:01] java.lang.NullPointerException [22:02:01] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.I(AIOABCL2.java:19172) [22:02:01] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.ea(AIOABCL2.java:19494) [22:02:01] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.S(AIOABCL2.java:19192) [22:02:01] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.C(AIOABCL2.java:4075) [22:02:01] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.run(AIOABCL2.java:3965) [22:02:01] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) @Optimus
  12. Did you manage to identify and fix the issue with endless mouse cursor moving loops (left-right-left-right-etc) when script relogs after disconnects, breaks and worldhops? This often leads to script timing out to 5 min xp timer, and also causes a lot of account bans.
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