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  1. Script still can't pass non-NPC chat options in most runs. An example of this is in the beginning of tutorial: "The survival expert gives you a small fishing net. Click here to continue." Bot gets stuck unable to skip this chat option almost every time. Possible to fix this? @Fluffee
  2. Things you can try to increase account longevity: - Do tutorial by hand; - Don't bot abused methods (anything that makes profit in f2p) immediately after tutorial - level other skills first; - Get membership activated without abusing promos.
  3. Particularly, non-NPC chat skipping is broken with default settings. There are several such chat encounters in tutorial, and script gets stuck on each of them. One example: in the very end, chat prints "When you get to Lumbridge, look for this icon on your minimap... - Click to continue."
  4. I'm having weird issues with chat continuing. When it's selected "click with mouse", script uses spacebar (mouse doesn't move). When I select to continue dialogue with "tap spacebar", it clicks chat with mouse. With some randomized settings script can't skip chat dialogues at all, and gets stuck on most chats (but still manages to skip some, oddly). Which setting causes that I'm not sure. I'm watching script being stuck right now in the last chat "When you get to Lumbridge, look for this icon on your minimap... - Click to continue." and it timed out to 5 minute afk. Method selected is "tap spacebar", but all chats were continued with mouse until it got stuck. Possible to fix this? @Fluffee
  5. The script has a lot of serious issues right now, it's definitely not running great. - Endless mouse movement loops between two spots after worldhops and disconnects - this happens every few hours on every account, and is a big reason behind very high banrate Tri AIO Combat currently has; - Continually "sticking" to target that is already attacked by another player - walking to it's tile (even when standing nearby) and attempting attack it constantly, getting chat spam "Someone else is fighting that. Someone else is fighting that. Someone else is fighting that."; - Getting stuck in an endless loop repeatedly trying and failing to click a monster/loot on the edge of gamescreen. Adjusting camera or walking closer would fix this, but script does neither and keeps moving mouse back and forth endlessly; - Accidently looting wrong items due to "walk-to-a-spot" custom antiban that should in itself be removed or significantly reduced in frequency, as it causes more bans than it prevents. The same "feature" causes script to somtimes click on random events and get stuck; - Unpreventable hopping to PvP worlds. All these have been going on for weeks, some even months, without being addressed. The script is in a bad state and needs more than couple hours a month to fix it. I hope you do, because when it's features work - the script is great. At the moment it's just not.
  6. Botting is risky, as your test has shown you. Getting a fresh account quickly to lvl92 in any skill is a good achievement, most accounts get banned much sooner.
  7. Aagility3 has more settings and still has a few bugs here and there, hence the beta phase. If you want a tested and smooth product, go with v2. They both work great, but v3 needs some monitoring. Don't overdo with either, agility is a high-risk activity.
  8. Every trade you make is recorded. If they want to, they'll link your accounts no matter how you split the trades.
  9. People who care about an account shouldn't bot at all on it. Time ran isn't the biggest factor behind bans, as you probably well know. The greater issue with Agility pyramid isn't the stops every 3 hours, but the fact it needs to be manually resupplied on every account after each stop. This takes significant time and effort, and grows with every account added. For niche of casual players who buy 1 auth and run 1 main account and try to stay under the radar it works well. And I think if you've added the banking, you'd expand your buyer base towards people with multiple accounts who need multiple auths.
  10. Do you have plans for Agility Pyramid to walk back to Nardah bank and resupply on food/waterskins? As is, it can run at most ~3 hours.
  11. That's more expensive than GE price. 4hour limit for Air battlestaves is 18k, so GE volume is not a bottleneck either. Where's the value of your proposal?
  12. Yes, everyone is getting it, it's a website wide issue.
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