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  1. This is a Tribot feature exclusive to VIP members. To get it, you'll need to buy VIP subscription.
  2. |w| Cow Killer [completely re-written 2.0]

    It also must be a great feeling when you realize how much your programming skill advanced over time.
  3. xHerblore Premium [GE Support] [Task System]

    Try making Tarromin Tar , and buying items on GE for attack or strength potions. Are these two functions working for you?
  4. I agree with you, removing the feature altogether until you can replace it with something better is a good approach. Or, better yet, give us a way to add a list of potential house owners, not just one. That way, if current owner goes offline, bot will choose the next random name from the list, and blacklist offline owner for X time.
  5. Tutorial got stuck trying to get down the ladder into the basement. It couldn't find the right camera angle and just kept rotating camera back and forth in a loop, ladder down was behind a wall. Default camera distance. Had to manually fix it. @Final Calibur
  6. It's working well if I type in the house owner myself. However, even if have "search for a new house" option OFF (paraphrased), the script still tries to find a new house if current owner goes offline mid-run. If the option is OFF, it should just stop once current house disappears. Not to mention I've never seen it find a new house by typing weird random words from chat. That option doesn't look functional altogether.
  7. xHerblore Premium [GE Support] [Task System]

    Tarromin Tar doesn't work, and GE features don't function at all. A few potions I was able to try worked well, just on the slow side.
  8. |w| Zulrah Slayer [1-3m+/hr] [ABC2][ABCL10][LG][V2]

    If I start script in Clan Wars teleport-landing spot (using dueling ring, south-east of the bank chest), script stops with an error "FINISH MSG: In unknown bank". To fix it, I need to manually walk slightly north-west, and start the script again. Since this happens quite often, a location check would be useful to walk to the CW bank chest automatically.
  9. Taking Free Script Requests [Intermediate]

    A "teletab" using script would be awesome. Simpliest version of what I have in mind: 1. Walk to closest bank. 2. Withdraw teleport tablet by configurable name or ID. 3. Use it
  10. Client need restart LOOP

    I've had it happen to me once, a few months ago. The only thing that helped was uninstalling Java, and reinstalling it after a PC reboot.
  11. Tribot sometimes closes itself mid-session

    CPU and RAM usage are stable, but on the high side (50%+). Nothing is ever spiking to high 90s.
  12. A couple weeks ago I started experiencing an issue where Tribot client closes itself mid-session, with bot still running. There are no errors, the window just closes itself. Using standard client. This happens regardless of script, at random times - sometimes at the beginning of a session, sometimes 12 hours into it. While it's not very frequent, the issue is disruptive, and I'd appreciate any help identifying and fixing it.
  13. Tutorial island often gets stuck trying to use an emote animation, right after leaving cook's house. It repeatedly clicks on "empty" animations that aren't unlocked and can't progress until manual intervention. @Final Calibur
  14. There's a trial available for VIPs, enable it on repository and try the script yourself. From what I've seen, it's working well.