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  1. It will be a premium script when it makes a comeback. Great addition nevertheless, Zulrah farmers will love it.
  2. Yes, he should, and he will. It's a great script and it will be a perfect addition to the current stable of premium scripts. Tribot sorely lacks in quest department, and I hope Falskills gets approved sooner, rather than later.
  3. Fix the break handler/login handler and we're halfway there. We still have faith that you can do it! @TRiLeZ
  4. Depending on the script, 10-15.
  5. New potion drinking bug: When script wants to use 2 potions at once (for ex. both Prayer and Antidote++), it will only drink the first potion, and it'll fail to drink the second pot due to internal OSRS CD. Script won't attempt to drink again if it fails on first try - so it stays poisoned indefinitely. Same with antifires. It needs a safeguard to check if potion was consumed correctly, and try again if first drink attempt failed. @Optimus
  6. Yes, I've noticed this too, and reported this to @Optimus about a month ago. Every time a mob is on the edge of the screen, mouse cursor will start frantically moving back-and-forth, trying, but unable to click it. Script needs a safeguard to adjust camera or walk closer to the mob when these "screen edge deadclicks" happen.
  7. Expanding on this, some kind of recovery would be useful, to go back down/up to original position after script misclicks on stairs/ladders.
  8. You bot, you'll get banned. It's inevitable. If you're ready to start a new account after your old one is gone, go for it. If you hope for the best and will be very upset after your account gets banned, don't do it.
  9. The best questing release on Tribot ever. Exciting!
  10. Fixing repository, as well as break/login bug, are definitely needed and would put Tribot back on track.
  11. With every new start, script attempts to turn off attack - it clicks on menu with attack options in OSRS settings, but never selects any of the options. Then proceeds to pickpocket with attack turned on just fine. Maybe turn off this feature if it's not working.
  12. I tried java jdk and jre 8, builds 151, 161, 181, 191 and 201. Thread lockup happens on all of them.
  13. I do quite a bit of botting as well, and encounter this issue daily. It adds a lot of manual work to check accounts making sure none of them get randomly stuck after a break or a disconnect. Since it occurs with all scripts and can happen to any account at any time, I need to check all of them periodically. What is being done to fix this login/break bug?
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