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  1. contemporary

    aThiever v2 [Pickpocketing]

    All this script needs to be great is Stall thieving.
  2. Hourly limit applies to free scripts only, 1 script at a time limitation applies to all scripts. Sorry for not being clear enough in my earlier post. You can check Tribot Free, VIP and VIP-E terms and pricing towards the bottom of the main page https://tribot.org/
  3. Non VIP clients are limited to running 2 hours every 3 days, and only 1 script may be run at a time.
  4. contemporary

    Auto Wintertodt Pro

    I struggle to get 500 without fletching even manually, especially during peak hours. Recent influx of players doesn't help in that regard. You can try fletching the logs, that should help reach the point cap quicker.
  5. contemporary

    [Development] Netami's AIO Combat

    That's great, good luck with the development!
  6. contemporary

    Reliable scripts for 2018-2019

    If your accounts are getting locked under suspicion for being stolen, that's not a hack, it's a Jagex security measure to fight blacklisted IPs. Just reset password via email and continue botting. Most activities in f2p are heavily monitored and it's difficult for accounts to survive longer than a couple days.
  7. contemporary

    [Development] Netami's AIO Combat

    Both have huge issues, especially with public proxies that get blocked after X number of connections. Tri AIO solved this by having an option to loot by item name, which works wonders and gives user 100% control over looting.
  8. contemporary

    [Development] Netami's AIO Combat

    I hope it doesn't get price from RSbuddy. That website goes down and has other issues too frequently to base any part of your script on it. There will be more issues than solutions. Can you add "loot items by name" instead, and allow users to add item names themselves?
  9. Has this issue been fixed? If Worldmap icon is accidently clicked, does script recognize this and close the map?
  10. contemporary

    Break Handler

    What you're doing is correct. You have noticed a significant bug and you're bringing it up. Not only it helps you by increasing the chances of this issue getting noticed (again) and fixed, it also works as a reminder to devs what still needs to be urgently worked on.
  11. contemporary

    Break Handler

    This isn't a joking matter, keep your trolling elsewhere. The breaking bug has been around for almost 4 months and is disrupting Tribot service for a great number of people. A core feature being broken for so long right after raising prices with a promise of increased product quality doesn't look great for customers.
  12. contemporary

    Keep getting banned

    Low level, fresh accounts are on a difference risk level, they might be swept because of age alone, not because they've been flagged as gold farmers. It would be more interesting to compare how, for example, 2 month old accounts compare with 6 month old accounts in your setup, and if some get noticed - do all/most get closed. I have slightly different experience, where old accounts would get consistently get banned at the same time as fresh ones. On area sweeps, a suspension technique Jagex loves, when one account is banned on an IP, almost always all others follow. On the same area sweep, accounts on a different IP sometimes survive. I'm sure there are other flags we don't even know about that determines account lifespan, but from what I've tried, running accounts on different IPs increases it on average.
  13. contemporary

    TRiBot Release 10.10_0 & 10.10_1

    Thank you for giving this break/login bug extra attention, @theholyone, it really needs to be fixed yesterday.
  14. contemporary

    Keep getting banned

    Yes, there's always a question of size. If a player runs 1-3 bots - he probably doesn't need proxies, unless he wants to contest a potential future ban and try to get it quashed later on. If the number of accounts starts going above 5, or even 10+ - that's where proxy option becomes highly beneficial. If all those accounts do the same exact activity, which is a very important factor in chain ban application - that's where using proxies becomes inevitable if a player wants to succeed.
  15. contemporary

    Keep getting banned

    One of the more obvious signs of a flagged IP is an account getting locked for being stolen on it's first session. Another good, but less obvious indication is accounts getting banned without botting, within hours of playstart. Jagex very rarely blacklist singular IPs, most flags come from blacklisting IP ranges based on data acquired from public blacklist databases. For example, IPs in ranges that have been abused and no longer work for google, facebook and similar industry giants will almost 100% cause an account lock each first session, and, from my testing, they'll also significantly decrease account lifetime. That might be one of the reasons your residential IP is still valid for botting after multiple bans. If I were to guess, your botting activities were varied enough to not get the attention large gold farms get. If it did, people playing in dormitories, apartment complexes, and any networks with just one external IP would all get affected by false positive bans. Once you start selling gold in high quantities, or run a constant high volume farm and get noticed, it'll become impossible to keep accounts alive on that IP. I've experienced this and it wasn't fun.