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  1. Same issue. Shift drop was enabled, still, script opened settings/keybindings, and got stuck in a loop moving mouse between two spots.
  2. It shows plain text for me. This hasn't happened before, any idea what could be the culprit? Another script (Tri AIO) fails to load paint completely, on a different PC. Might be related.
  3. Paint isn't loading properly, some parts of it (background for one) aren't showing. This is the second script that has this issue today, please take a look @Encoded
  4. High banrate at minnows has little to do with low level accounts. Lvl 600s/800s accs, aged 2+ months, get banned within two-three days, 10-15 hour total runtime, routinely. There's nobody botting minnows for profit right now to the best of my knowledge, beyond testing accounts and some single-account botters who use their mains and low hours. If you visit minnows platform, you can count bots on the fingers of your hands across all worlds - they're really that few. Minnows is a deathtrap right now, but that has little to do with this script. As far as I know, the script still works well - it just can't be utilized in a highly controlled spot in it's current form, at least until triggers that Jagex detects get identified and removed.
  5. Script keeps stopping with error: [22:53:28] java.lang.NullPointerException [22:53:28] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.wa(AIOABCL2.java:202) [22:53:28] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.c(AIOABCL2.java:6852) [22:53:28] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.run(AIOABCL2.java:2328) [22:53:28] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) [22:53:53] Script Ended: Tri AIO Combat & Magic. @Tri
  6. Script gets stuck in an endless loop trying to unnote bones at Phials if it has less than full inventory of bones remaining (just got stuck with 3 bones left, couldnt unnote for an long time). @xCode
  7. Before looting first kill, script tries to price items using rsbuddy.com. When that fails, script does not resume combat, and gets stuck in a pricing loop. Pricing needs to be optional. Most users don't really need it. As is now, it's obligatory - there's no way to turn it off. Because of broken pricing, script is now unusable and requires a fix from @Tri. If anyone has a direct line to him, please let him know.
  8. contemporary

    Do trial scripts countdown even when not in use?

    It counts down during breaks, but it doesn't eat minutes when script is stopped. Time allotment resets on the first of each month, so you can use the same trial again in a couple weeks.
  9. [14:16:21] FINISH MSG: Too many (8) of the same message: [You don't have enough inventory space.]. Possible bug? Ending script After death, bot retrieved items and got stuck near CW chest with above message. Second time this happened this week.
  10. Are minimum trident charges the same for normal and magic only modes? I think I ran out of charges in one of my extra long fights, is that possible? @Worthy
  11. During tutorial script gets stuck inside rats' enclosure after killing a rat with melee. I needed to stop script, walk out of enclosure, talk to instructor manually, and run script again for it to resume. Gets stuck walking to Varrock from Lumbridge, and takes unusual pathing (opening gates and entering some enclosures that aren't necessary, then failing to open the exit gate, for example). Gets stuck during Romeo&Juliet when trying to go talk with Juliet, stands on the ground floor 2 tiles away from stairs and spams this message: [19:27:39] Total path size for [HOME_TELEPORT] is 266 tiles [19:27:40] Creating PathComputer with location: LUMBRIDGE_CASTLE [19:27:40] Method: HOME_TELEPORT has on character: true [19:27:40] Checking path... [HOME_TELEPORT] -> [LUMBRIDGE_CASTLE] [19:27:40] Total path size for [HOME_TELEPORT] is 266 tiles [19:27:41] Creating PathComputer with location: LUMBRIDGE_CASTLE [19:27:41] Method: HOME_TELEPORT has on character: true @Final Calibur
  12. 1. When fighting aggressive monsters, bot will continually try to attack "monster B", while under attack by "monster A". In single target zone, bot will die due to being "unable to attack". Auto-retaliate doesn't help because bot keeps retargeting "monster B". This often happens after eating, drinking potions, or looting. 2. Bot doesn't detect combat when trying to world-hop or log-off for a break. It keeps clicking world-hop/log-off button and fails (still in combat), then stops and doesn't retry at all. 3. When out of bones in inventory, bot will keep clicking B2P tab forever=ban. There needs to be an automatic STOP-SCRIPT if any action fails X times to prevent needless bans. @Tri