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  1. There seem to be 2 separate auth problems right now. One where Tribot fails to authenticate completely, on any version, with error 503. Another issue where new version (tested on 6) fails to pass args:
  2. Trying to launch new Tribot client keeps popping "503 Service Temporarily Unavailable" errors. It sometimes starts working for a minute, then back to the same error. Is there an issue with the servers that we're not aware of?
  3. Any followup on this? Tribot is still not working for most accounts due to broken login sequence.
  4. Thank you for the update, this is good news.
  5. So, when is this patch coming live? @Usa
  6. The new "Welcome" screen issue is not fixed, most accounts still can't login. Is there an ETA for this fix? @[email protected]@Todd
  7. Script keeps crash stopping with this error, even if have "Tribot webwalker" enabled in script settings (NOT daxwalker). [04:56:46] scripts.Mine.Shared.dax_api.api_lib.json.ParseException: Expected value at 1:1 [04:56:46] at scripts.Mine.Shared.dax_api.api_lib.json.m.H(JsonParser.java:490) [04:56:46] at scripts.Mine.Shared.dax_api.api_lib.json.m.c(JsonParser.java:486) [04:56:46] at scripts.Mine.Shared.dax_api.api_lib.json.m.H(JsonParser.java:193) [04:56:46] at scripts.Mine.Shared.dax_api.api_lib.json.m.H(JsonParser.java:152) [04:56:46] at scripts.Mine.Shared.dax_api.api_lib.json.m.H(JsonParser.java:91) [04:56:46] at scripts.Mine.Shared.dax_api.api_lib.json.y.H(Json.java:295) [04:56:46] at scripts.Mine.Shared.dax_api.api_lib.p.H(WebWalkerServerApi.java:107) [04:56:46] at scripts.Mine.Shared.dax_api.api_lib.p.H(WebWalkerServerApi.java:67) [04:56:46] at scripts.Mine.Shared.dax_api.api_lib.k.c(DaxWalker.java:32) [04:56:46] at scripts.Mine.AIOABCL2.run(AIOABCL2.java:3716) [04:56:46] at java.lang.Thread.run(Thread.java:748) @Optimus
  8. I'm not sure how this is possible, but Wintertodt bot hopped to an empty world on it's own. Ended up doing 2 crates an hour. The only Client Debug line shows LoginBot logged in once. Add a check for this please @Encoded. To hop back, or stop script if inside incorrect world in the middle of a run, not just at the beginning.
  9. We can't edit posts too now, apparently. [EDIT] sometimes
  10. The most reliable way for me to reproduce it is to run a script WITH script arguments (pickpocketing, for example), then stop script after a few minutes of work. Then run it again with same arguments, let it run for a while, stop it again. After a few times it very often starts "stuttering".
  11. I have an issue where Tribot starts "stuttering" after this script has been stopped and started again a few times. When it happens (often stopping/running script just once is enough to cause it), game screen starts freezing for a fraction of a second every few seconds. This significantly lowers script efficiency. The only fix I found is to close Tribot and start a new client. This "stuttering" doesn't happen with any other Tribot script. It also doesn't happen if I just let LAN thiever run without ever stopping it, but that's not always possible. Any idea how to fix this @Laniax?
  12. Tribot's master of quests strikes again. Congratulations with the release!
  13. This is certainly something very different. Keep it up!
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