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  1. Was wondering how sensitive the Jagex system actually is in detecting third party software interaction. I use a few mouse recorders when pking (cuz I'm lazy and dont want to actually have SKILLS needed to PK). 1) Could there be a PKing script, or is that just too complicated? 2) Using short pre-recorded mouse movements and inputs, only a few times every 5-10 minutes - is that detectable by Jagex's automated system? I've heard of auto clickers alching their way to 99 mage, no problem. Others get caught, etc. Am I somewhat safe to assume that my interactions with PKing is low risk? What have you heard? Let me know.
  2. I've noticed something my scripts do over and over again. And if a Jagex staff or any other person saw this, it would be an easy insta-ban. It's really recognizable, and you don't even need a computer to do stat crunching, mouse-click analysis blah-blah-blah. (this is assuming Jagex can track your mouse movements over their client screen, not just the clicks themselves, both of which they can, I believe) The anti ban system that Tribot employs is good. Makes mouse movements random, clicks on different stuff, etc. However, I notice that the mouse moves "off screen" - meaning, it tries to mimic a real life person moving their mouse out of the client screen and onto their desktop, internet tabs, and so on. In almost all of the premium scripts I have bought, the mouse leaves the client screen, and enters back at the exact point of exit. This is definitely NOT human! No one can do this to the pixel. As I do not believe Jagex has the computing power to pick up this trait by analyzing EVERYONE's movements ALL THE TIME, I do believe that if, say, you were reported, and a real person were to LOOK at your account, this would be a dead giveaway of botting. Couldn't script writers randomize the point of entry for these mouse "re-entries"? I would think it would be fairly easy to do.
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