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  1. Try to put the line in a try catch and see if it throws an error.
  2. In general it's a bad idea to change the mouse speed. You could make a event listener and everytime the mouse speed changes it will change it back on a new thread to your own likeable speed.
  3. XmQ

    Agility script

    I can't imagine someone can write it and have fully tested within one hour. 10 bucks for a hour of programming isn't something many people would do; let alone premium scriptwriters will do.
  4. XmQ

    Agility script

    15 dollar for a private script? I don't think anyone is going to help you with that.. Upper your budget
  5. Found the issue. It has something to do with the Dragonfire ward. Somehow the Dragonfire ward causes Equipment#getItems() to throw a NPE.
  6. Yeah I have done that. I'm pretty lost on this issue at the moment. The only thing that seems broken for me is 50% of the slots.
  7. It doesn't really matter what items I put in my equipment. Only the slots shown in my debug are printed. It's pretty weird, it did work before the osrs update. Do you use Runelite by chance with looking glass?
  8. That's odd. I tried to reload and even remove the hooks file. Do you use mirror?
  9. After the latest update I found out I can't cache any or most of the equipment items anymore. for(RSItem rsItem : Equipment.getItems()){ General.println("item: " + rsItem.getDefinition().getName()); } Can somebody try this code with full gear and check what the output is to make sure it's not just me. This is my output: [18:05:20] item: Armadyl helmet [18:05:20] item: Ava's accumulator [18:05:20] item: Amulet of glory(4) [18:05:20] item: Dragon hunter crossbow [18:05:20] item: Armadyl chestplate Which is pretty weird since I'm using full gear. EDIT: Somehow if you have a Dragonfire ward in your inventory or equipment it will throw a NPE when using #getItems()
  10. You never told the function you want.
  11. There is no need for you to use dynamicClicking. You can use: if(fruitstall[0].interact("Take")) { Wait condition here } Nvm. Forgot the interact method was from my own API.
  12. Get the code block that includes line 263 from thieve1 class and print the whole method here.
  13. Equipement.getDefinition().getID() or something like that.
  14. If you use a private script the chance of getting banned is pretty low, when done smart. I think the risk is higher when using a mouse recording program. Nonetheless, if you use a script to record your mouse clicks you ARE using a script. Rather have a advanced runecrafting script with a lower risk than a basic script and get banned eventually even by using it smart.
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