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  1. jamesd

    Runelite & LG

    don't mean to resurrect, but i have this issue also.
  2. bought it, tried it, very pleased. edit- did 100% favour too.
  3. i do this alot, post a problem, then fix it myself like 5 mins later, it appears i was not on 32 bit again >.<. thanks anyways
  4. recently i deleted hook.data, tribot folder etc updated everything and removed old, now it won't walk anywhere. seems like it could be not using walkers for some reason any clues? edit - all scripts won't move.
  5. hey bought it and cant get it to actually load. client locks up. no error or anything stops before it loads paint. can get encodes free one working fine, could you take a look want to buy fishing one too but not if its just gonna lock up. log.txt
  6. seems laggy as hell compared to other scripts and im getting 30k less xp per hour than manual on knights the click for the second pick when the animation shows your hand on him is slightly off
  7. have you ever seen the honorbuddy forums ? maybe it's not like that here haha
  8. we'll know when the flood of disgruntled botters comes haha are you using osbuddy btw like me?
  9. mines not running to kill shit but running into the sea.. or trying to =]
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