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  1. I figured haha, it's just that more often than not they're asking to box and the duel is declined. My bad!
  2. Not sure if error on my end or intentional. Even if set to only whipping, the script still accepts duels from people with <70 attack
  3. Hey @Beg. Sometimes, the script will stop at the crafting interface after it clicks a knife to a log. It doesn't select to make how many and just does nothing. Not sure if it's an error on my part. They'll also run to varrock/edgeville bank randomly
  4. Ohhh. I think you should disable it for now, since no world hopping would be better than the script logging out and doing nothing haha
  5. Hey, I don't know if it's just me, but the script doesn't seem to click on a world whenever it logs out to switch worlds.
  6. Hi! I'm not sure if it's the recent update, but I can't seem to type in the TRiBot interface. I can hold down a key, but there will be a huge delay before anything shows up. This happens on my CentOS 7 machine but my other machines work just fine. I can type on firefox/chrome etc on the VM; it's just exclusive to the tribot client. Any help?
  7. I only did tut island and I left them to sit overnight, just to see the banrate for the script after the weekend was over.
  8. Possible. I have heard that when your ip/proxy is flagged, they'll lock your account right off the island instead of banning it. This was the case when I made and botted the accounts on my dedicated server, but it didn't happen when I used the script on my home IP. They'll last until the next day so I'm assuming they're getting manually banned. Hope that helps anyone wondering why their accounts get locked immediately after tut island, rather than banned. I haven't tried erickho's script, but yours is the only one so far that doesn't get me banned in like 10 min haha. Edit: Almost every account was locked on my server/proxy for the script. None of them were locked at all on my home IP
  9. What are your guys' ban rates looking like with the script? I made about 30 accounts and 25 or so of them were banned. They were next day bans and not immediately after tutorial island, though. I might be doing something wrong (:
  10. I agree, I would pay for this script.
  11. I believe it does, at least while not running scripts. Each client is taking up 6-8% of my cpu on my desktop with no scripts running. It stays at about 6-8% even if I close some tabs. So I'd assume opening another client would take up another 6-8%.
  12. I just read the thread where you were planning on keeping this to yourself by adding a level limit. Haha congrats on release! (:
  13. Hey! First of all I love your script. One thing I've noticed is that the bot will always try to use noted items to combine if they happen to be in your inventory. No big deal, but could I suggest that the bot always do a deposit inventory into the bank before starting?
  14. I'm running 4 tabs with 3 GB. It's using 2500mb. The script shouldn't be the issue since I'm using it on my other machines with 700 mb for 4 tabs, so I definitely think it's specific to the OS I'm using right now. I have 32 GB of ram on it so I think this is a, albeit shitty, fix for now...
  15. I don't think that's an option since I'm running a looooooooot of bots. Allocating 3 GB seemed to work for now (:
  16. My Tribot client is requiring an absurd amount of heap space right now. I've set it to 1024 mb for running two tabs and that's still not enough. This is on my linux dedicated server. I have a server running centos 6 which works just fine, but the one on centos 7 has the bots that keep crashing due to lack of memory. I'm gonna set the heap space to 3 GB just to see what happens, but I don't think my clients should be taking up this much ram.. Any help on this? Thanks!
  17. Thanks "Captain" (:
  18. Thanks! I've used your pizza topper script for a little bit haha.
  19. Hi, I'm starting to build up my bot farm and need some guidance on mules, transferring, and actually selling the gold. So far, I've racked up a fair amount of gp but, I'm worried about all my bots being banned once my mule does do the RWT. I've read that low amounts of gold usually aren't enough to trigger a flag, so what I have is 4 different mules on different proxies for specific sets of bots (which are also on different ips). Would that work? I don't care too much about the mule being banned; it's all the bots that I've had set up. Any help on the matter is greatly appreciated (:
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