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  1. every time I try to start the script it freezes on the screen where you are supposed to select "always allow", before I even get to the GUI, any tips? doesn't do this for any other script.
  2. When hopping worlds, about 1/5 of the time I get an error and have to click "always allow" for the script to log into the new world, is there any way to stop this so I don't have to babysit this bot? thanks in advance
  3. It seems like while killing zulrah sometimes it just goes into sleep mode and stops attacking, changing prayers, eating etc. Idk if this is on your end or the client end, but very weird. After a few seconds it comes back and freaks out and changes prayers and eats up, but most of the time it dies during these few seconds due to not switching prayers.. any help with this would be appreciated
  4. Had a bug where it clicked the "superheat" spell, though the page didn't automatically change to the inventory, so the script continuously right clicked the inventory slot but didn't open it because the only option was "superheat"... this continued for a few minutes after i noticed it before i stopped the script.
  5. I think i fixed it, a message was popping up 15 minutes in to ask for authority to go to your website to update my signature numbers. I think it's stopped now, as i clicked always allow..
  6. Everytime I've run the script it runs for 3 doses of overload then the script stops... using normal combat with overloads/prayer pots
  7. Not any 68 hour proggy, but 44 is good in my opinion got scared of ban so i had to stop!
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