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  1. Still looking to buy any amounts up to 100m, preferred payment via UK bank transfer.
  2. No problem, thanks anyway. I edited it to make it a bit clearer
  3. Thanks Worthy, but I can't see UKBT in the list of payment types you take?
  4. Looking to buy amounts up to 100m by UKBT. Buying from an individual, not a website/company. Happy to go first if you're a reputable seller. PM if selling, thanks.
  5. Using the trial at the moment, very happy so far and will probably go ahead and buy it soon. Minor piece of feedback from testing various locations/styles: when using bird snares, the bot sets up a new snare and then drops the bird meat and buries/drops bones. However, it clicks to drop the bird meat a tick too early, so nothing happens and it has to do this again. Maybe add a delay of one or two ticks before dropping? Other than that, no feedback so far.
  6. Hi all, I've been browsing the various premium/free herblore scripts, but cannot see any sign of support for guthix rests.. Is anyone aware of a script that supports making of guthix rest pots? Apologies if this is not the right sub-forum.
  7. As someone new to staking and curious about how this works I would really like to get involved in boxing but I'm kinda clueless. I have two accounts, one 60/60/60, with 60hp and nothing else. The other 50/46/48, with 45 hp and 46 prayer. With the first account, I've been finding that people don't want to box because most my level have prayer and 1 def, which means that without prayer they're at a disadvantage. With the other account, people are more willing to duel it but it has shite stats so less chance of winning. Which account should I focus on for box staking? Would either of the above accounts be of any use with this bot, with a potentially very small pool of opponents?
  8. Regular butler, ABC2 delay set to x0.13. Unfortunately I don't have those logs because I've shut it down between then and now, but I'll try it again tomorrow and if getting the same results will send through the logs.
  9. So I continued to have the same issues with Oak Larders, admitted defeat and gave up there. Working with Mahogany Tables instead, the bot runs seamlessly. No 'call butler' issues (apart from when the butler is already on the way to the bank, the bot sometimes stands there pressing the 'call butler' button until he appears again), however the exp rate at the moment is incredibly low. Doing Mahogany Tables (with a maximum manual hourly exp of 820-830k exp) after 1 hour it had gained the grand total of 107k exp, see below. I know ABC2 lowers hourly exp rates, but surely this cannot be right?
  10. Thanks Worthy. I'm going to keep perservering, because based on past experience it's entirely possible that I'm just doing something wrong. But if I can't get it up and running I'll post a proper bug report.
  11. Continuation of the above, when it again stops and stands there calling butler, I try leaving the house and entering in build mode again and it just stands inside the house still saying 'calling butler'. Gotta be honest, it's a great bot but at this stage it's not really usable if it can't be left to its own devices for more than 10-15 minutes without stopping. And edit again: Now whenever I run the bot, in any configuration, it just stands there calling butler. Have restarted the bot, started it outside the house, started it inside the house, started it in standing position, etc.
  12. Works great, although one issue I'm noticing is that at some point in its running it stops at 'calling butler' and just stands there. To fix it, I open the house options and it then presses the call butler button and continues as normal. Currently averaging 68-72k per hour with oak larders (which is obviously nowhere near where it should be) because I have to keep checking up on it. Edit again: Just read above, will try that and see if it fixes. Edit yet again: Tried all the above suggestions, and checking the NPC debug shows the butler with a number above his head. And yet it still stops, stands still and says 'calling butler'.
  13. Sort of a NMZ question more than a bot question - I'm relatively new to NMZ, but it has been recommended to me for good combat exp.. Current stats are 60 attack & strength, 50 defence. I want to use it to train defence.. Is this bot likely to be suitable for me? Would I need to be buying games with it, or not? Sorry if these are stupid questions, not familiar with NMZ really.
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