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  1. Buying all flax (paying 3gp ea more than ge)

    Easiest merch of my life mate
  2. My new VPS is not running scripts correctly

    VPS are a big struggle bus in general tbh.
  3. [Free][F2P][No Reqs] nCabbage Picker 40-60k+/Hr

    That feel when you collapse a market with 5 accounts picking cabbages.
  4. [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    You're really dumb tbh. I won't even say anything other than to quote another member:
  5. World hop

    Only a lot of scripters update their scripts to be able to world hop if they add or remove servers...so? Maybe they just use a different way of world hopping but nearly all maintained scripts seem to be capable of world hopping by just updating themselves of the extra worlds.
  6. Please help with VPS

    To further elaborate, even if the IP you get is 100% new and has had nobody botting on it before, it may just be a known proxy source so you get locked that way. It's like how if you go on an ip checker they can tell if you're using a vpn or proxy service. While normal play is not effected by proxy/vpn, making new accounts may be.
  7. Gold Farm Question.

    Gotta be prepared to slam your head against a brick wall and continue to do so until you break through to the other side.
  8. It sucks trying out VPS companies and getting your money basically stolen in 4 hours because the bot is "abusing" their terms from using too much.
  9. TRiBot Release 9.305_6

    Tons of scripts have working world hoppers after updating their script to account for the extra AUS worlds.
  10. My Merching Progress Log to 1B

    User is banned on sythe for ban evasion @iFluffee @erickho123 @YoHoJo @Montreal https://www.sythe.org/members/yeahimerchrs.807870/ edit: and a known scammer, hacker, etc. Probably trying to bait people with fake merching
  11. same name accounts?

    I avoid doing that but have no proof that it leads to more bans.
  12. TRiBot Release 9.305_6

    What did they just add that usually breaks world hopping in scripts? AUS worlds. And what I meant was that you dug shit up from 2 weeks ago to try and apply it to an issue today, which nobody has even complained about recently until AUS worlds were added, which new worlds/taking away worlds always makes script writers need to update. It's not a client issue.
  13. [FREE BETA] LAN Bot Manager - Development

    Very cool. One day I'll buy a private one of these from a programmer not involved in Runescape.
  14. mouse not working on client

    Post the actual error, but human mouse movement is a VIP-E feature. Bot will still work if you don't have it.