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  1. Brah how the fuck I get that many banned and not quit, I plan on making 10 if they all get banned in one wave it's prob ggs
  2. @ToHoCo delete the rs3 and osrs clients off your pc mate then maxthon will work
  3. @Anthlon The script keeps messing up for everyone mate, gonna wait for the fixes before I re buy this one
  4. How do I use multi client looking glass with tribot? It seems like my tribot doesn't know which client to open when I multi client, it tries opening my main account which i obviously don't bot and is open on a different screen.
  5. @DawnOfYoshi yeah it seems like I will have to play on my accounts for a week or two legit because I want these bots to last for months at a time
  6. @Oreo Eater hmm I'll look into that, but with that method it sounds like I would need at least 4 accounts able to do it for at least 10 hours a day for that 200$ a day income
  7. @Stan0606 you never know unless you ask bro, so far I've found a lot of free help and guidance through these forums alot of it is just older or doesn't specify how much you can actually make or if it's even a plausible method to make a living off.
  8. @Stan0606 just looked up staking in the forums sounds like fighting to the death and betting on it in game, yeh that's not rlly an option either I'd get rekt. @YoHoJo Yes Please! And I hope in the end my army of bots all look like that guy!
  9. @Stan0606 I'm not really sure what staking is but you've got me curious, because running 500-2500 bots isn't an option for me anytime soon.
  10. @godspower33 Take me I'm yours! @jeremyspro I'm sure initially I will be wanting to but after awhile it shouldn't be to bad, I was reading a Reddit post that I'm sure you all have seen by now, this guy that's been botting since the early WoW days got so good he was making close to 7 figures every time a new game would come out.
  11. Hi guys I'm new to tribotting, and just coming back to runescape to gold farm it after almost 15 years, I remember enjoying the game when I was younger and doing pretty well at it gaining a combat skill level of 76 and 80+ in mining at the time in the f2p content. I've recently decided to build a premium desktop and try my hand at botting, after reviewing the website playerauctions.com which I have bought from in the past for a French game called "Dofus", to my surprise runescape was practically the top seller on the website with many sellers making 200-600k usd a year o.o. Through some simple addition you can even go back and see how much the sellers are making and the top seller was pulling in 3000-4000$ some days just off old school runescape and selling items/accounts/currency in several other games as well. I'm aware that to be on that scale there is most likely a small team running that account, but I'd like to be able to make 200-1000$ a day and give up my 9 to 5 and do this for a living to spend more time with my family and give myself a career I actually enjoy. So here's what I'm working for as far as computer specs: mobo: Asus rampage V edi 10 cpu: intel x99 series 6950x overclocked 38% at 4.1ghz all 10 cores ram: 32gb gskill 3200 Ssd: Samsung 980 evo 1 tb gpu: 2x geforce 1080 ti's in sli stock frequency due to not being water cooled atm internet speed: 1gb up/down So I've done about 3 weeks of research so far with tribot bought scripts this past weekend and ran a single bot under a proxy, I did tutorial island fought some goblins up to 5 attack/str/defense did a couple quests, not a whole lot to be honest but I took my time this was all over a 2 day span before I tested out the scripts, I started off with a wood cutting script which looked amazing, then I tried out a mining script which with the stock settings had me getting out mined left and right but after adjusting the settings I was able to get a good amount of ores quickly however it definitely looked bot like instantly snapping onto ores one after the other. Lastly I tried a combat script, which definitely looked bot like, one only attacking monsters in a circled radius, and 2 even though it offers leveling without food it will continue to challenge monsters with 2% health left suiciding itself, needless to say after only running scripts for about 2 hours no more than 15 minutes at a time and then manually controlling my character it was already banned this morning. I understand from the forums the ends and out of bans and how insanely good jagex has got at bot detection over the years, but even with the suggested botting methods and slowly gaining 20 bots it doesn't add up to how people are making 3000-4000$ a day and selling in several other games potentially making 5000-10000$ on a good day. So guys I'm looking for a guru to take me under their wings and help turn me into a botting machine over the next year!
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