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  1. well I used a another script I was testing and seeing how It worked and tbh I didn't like it and felt like it would get me banned, EzCon I ran it this morning for about 20 mins and while using it I watch myself get Disconnected and I knew it was a ban lol, but yea if dax walker was messed up and I wasn't using your script to walk around than maybe it was botting habit but tbh you say you are running insane hours and I'm not. just happy 2 day ban and not perm I legit just made 100m at armadyl over the weekend lol.. I wont be botting on that account anymore lol
  2. I also got a two day ban this morning. but I haven't used your script in about a week.. idk what dax walker is but I only used single games and I put myself in the corner and no special attack weapon
  3. xanaxna

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    the only other bot I used for a long period of time was N nightmare zone and he's script is pretty much flawless even it being free the script doesn't really do much since it just goes into afk mode.. it actually looked like something you would do.... noting that I was doing Con before using this and the butler never walked off away from me and with your script he always walked off and the script would run and talk to him.. idc too much because it 2 day ban it does ruin my account for botting anymore. but I'm 99% sure it was your script I'm not hating on you but as a user watching it and using your script I could feel it.. and yes you might move your mouse off the screen that much but not everyone does and it just looks bad when it does it every 30 seconds I would change that mate.. my play time that day was around 12+ hour but of legit game play armadyl GWD all day. maybe it wasn't your script but I went 2 weeks strong and no ban till I used your script and I saw the disconnect and I knew what it was.. I didn't even have to see the message
  4. xanaxna

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    I don't think so
  5. xanaxna

    EzConstruction 1-33 (or 99)

    Make the bot use hotkey mouse key 1 for butler to go to the bank, instead of clicking it.. it should completely use hotkey to do everything. ABC2 moves the camera too much.. and in weird ways ABC2 Leaves game too much like its annoying asf and no one does that every 30 seconds it leaves game and drag mouse of the screen legit just got me banned lol 2 day ban bot busted using this for 15mins. pretty much what happen here was the script is detected and the system alerted a MOD and they watched me for a bit than put the ban out.. to me using this script I have not botted in a while I would say close to a week. maybe it was because of work hours? but I don't think so tbh the script is good but needs to be worked on and the ABC goes crazy.. ATM this script is suicide
  6. hmm that's crazy hours for most people... yea would be great if you could fix the LG part tho it worked last night
  7. xanaxna

    Human Mouse Implementation

    hey im back too lol just feels like its a good time to bot again
  8. go for it just run trail first look how the bot runs and make sure it looks human enough for you to trust than use looking glass too. if you only use it say 2 hour a time talking in chat and babysitting think I would say you would be ok but I'm not 100% sure and he is right if its not worth it don't do it
  9. lol 74 till ban yea don't run rc bots long this bot hasn't been updated in what 3 years wouldn't use it
  10. xanaxna

    |w| Zulrah Slayer - Documentation

    do you use this script often? if so how would you rate it and what are your ban rates like etc?
  11. xanaxna

    |w| Zulrah Slayer - Documentation

    @Worthy so some kid just wanted a refund and got banned saying he used your script. what do you think his botting habits were to get banned using your script? personally you must use your own script? how would rate this script and what do your botting habits look like for this script?
  12. I found out the problem was looking glass idk how I feel about that.. I used it last night on glass sooo ughhhh
  13. ok so I made a singles game outside this time to is if it would work and it does the same thing just says we ended up outside ending script.. full game goes into the NMZ than the script say returning to lobby