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  1. going strong tho on my pure with it at 87str now. probably about close to 20 hours of botting now in different session but still, If you are looking to beta tester or accounts i have a 60/60/60 account I can suicide
  2. ok so my setting are like this use overload + Abs, Use Rockcake.. now here if you dont click rockcake after drinking a potion it wont drink the overload.. if do click it will drink the overload and rockcake down but wont stay at 1-3hp it will not rockcake till it overloads again.. but i fixed this with just using the flick rapid heal
  3. If i click rockcake after drinking than it wont rockcake to stay at one hp.. i dont click that than it wont overload at all
  4. dude i cant figure out the settings.. On my pure i just want it to overload, and use Abs, and rockcake down If i click rockcake after drinking than it wont rockcake to stay at one hp.. i dont click that than it wont overload at all
  5. that is cool im scared to run during jagex hours I just do single games and play league or something
  6. xanaxna

    [ABCL 10] [ABC2] aAgility v2 [ALL ROOFTOPS]

    proof please?
  7. I found another bug where if you dont have auto retaliate on it will try to turn it on but will hover over it try to move mouse off screen than try to turn it on again it did it like 5 times before i stopped it ::: The problem might be I didnt have it in fixed mode
  8. I went to sleep last night running a single match so I wasnt to worried. but i think it left the game when i ran out of Overloads.. witch is good tbh i just need to setup my invo better
  9. Not too many bugs tho but with rockcake and OVl. Prayer pots with OVL seem to be running good with prayer pot and OVL.. runs to middle prays. drink prayer pot at different points of praye. it is re OVLing seem good on that side..
  10. i have faith bro but take your time get it right. ill give as much feedback as i can. im a just try using prayer pots for now
  11. ok so the OVL came out but it didnt drink again it just rockcaked to 1hp
  12. yea i dont know so i did not click the option where is says "Rockcake after drinking OVL" and it will rockcake to 51 Drink it and start rockcaking again and try to kill you. but it working right now that i see how i have rockcake inter at hp1 -hp1 and it rockcaked at 2 hp mouse is not moving off screen either status keeps saying eating rockcake no "moving off screen" or AFKing
  13. yea it did but i was here when they dax walker was bugged and everyone got 2 day ban.. it was perfect idk it also not rockcaking down to 1hp, even if i dont have rock cake after drinking
  14. yea i was using it on my pure for single games.. and it Rockcakes down to 51 hp, Drinks OVL, than it rockcakes again and kills my pure