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  1. Just dm'd. Still looking for ban rate info from anyone!
  2. Hey I was just wondering if anyone uses Tri's Combat script to splash? Or do you all have any knowledge on a script that might be specifically designed for splashing? Also, if any of you do use a script to splash, what do you think the likelihood of getting banned is? Please don't give me the classic " You have the chance of getting banned with any script " speech... just wanna know if anyone has successfully splashed to 90+ magic recently. TIA! ?
  3. Yeah man don't buy accounts..I speak from experience. I'm sure a year after the guy who has 30k sales didn't write down your login info somewhere with intentions of reclaiming it. Also, I bought an account from WouterPrinsen. Please if you're thinking about buying an account of playerauctions, don't buy from that scumbag. Reclaimed after 1 month
  4. Hey man, it does this quite often for me... it will alch about 1,000 times, then shows up with this error and stops.. i definitely still have plenty of the item i was alching. It says [19:11:32] Ending script, you have no [Ljava.lang.String;@b7e76f
  5. Banking issues were a Tribot error, not the script's.. Trilez has updated the API and banking should be fixed now.
  6. I think Tribot's API may be updated now? Or at least very close to being fixed. @TRiLeZ posted about it here:
  7. Most bots work, they just have an issue with banking. Patience is a virtue my friend, i'm sure they're all working hard to get the community botting again.
  8. Hey @Encoded, Flawless script my friend. Thank you for putting out such quality work! got lvl 99 on 2 different accounts, and if anyone was wondering it is safe and reliable to use with a 10hp harcore ironman. i do have a suggestion that i think would improve the appeal/ overall quality of the script.. Is there any way you could add jumping the agility rocks to the north east/west? You can get from 60-70ish agility if youre going for 99 firemaking. If that's something you'd be wiling to add in a private script, pm me man we can talk prices.
  9. Also interested in your vouches! Would be willing to invest in your services if you can provide any vouches/feedback.
  10. I have a league of legends account that im willing to trade for Osrs gold, or a nice osrs pure account. The LoL account includes: max runepages max champions(except zoe) 700+ skins Gold 3 MMR if anyone shows interest, i will definitely post some pictures of the account and skins in all their glory. I've spent over $4040 dollars on this league of legends account. yeah i said FOUR THOUSAND towards skins. lmk if youre interested!
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