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  1. You'll need to unzip the file, place the contents in your local script file. That is, if the script still works with new updates.
  2. This is a bug that has been reported: https://tribot.org/forums/index.php?/topic/22180-tribot-802-1-webwalking/ Let's hope it's fixed soon!
  3. Would love to put this on the repo if the repo didn't continually deny it.
  4. It's set to deposit everything except the hatchet, how often does this problem occur for you?
  5. Thanks for handling my thread while I was away on vacation! With the update of the repository I'll be making changes which will make it much easier for everyone to receive updates
  6. That's the best option currently public static boolean isAttacking() { return Combat.getAttackingEntities().length > 0; }
  7. Can't update the script with the AIO fletcher until I can find an account to test on.
  8. It means the script will work once the API is fixed by Tri, the client itself was broken when Runescape updated. On a side note, my only account for testing has been banned for running Oak planks. Does anyone want to donate an account for continued updates of this script?
  9. Added a failsafe check to see if the bot is upstairs. The next version will include an AIO fletcher as well. I haven't witnessed this before, does it do it often? If so, could you elaborate please
  10. Feel free to add my skype for questions
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