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  1. Finally the hint arrow!!!! I've been wanting to bot agility tickets forever.
  2. KevinHouse


    Disabled due to high user count and no constructive comments.
  3. Restart the client. If that doesn`t work: Delte .tribot folder in %appdata% and local runescape data. Start, load and quit the OSRS client once. Then run the tribot client.
  4. if (interface.isVisible()) { KeyBoard.SendText("YoMamma"); }
  5. KevinHouse


    v1.3 is out now! Next thing to add is settings.
  6. When looking at the Java version in the option pane what version do you have?
  7. I am wondering if it would be possible to run a seperate thread that will stay active when the script is stopped. Problem is getting MessageListening07 to work in the seperate thread.
  8. The script can implement MessageListening07. when a message, trade request,... is sent you could get notified.
  9. Depends on what account you use and the breaking method. The more QP the safer.
  10. Contact your ISP, request a new IP. You should get a new IP every few months.
  11. https://tribot.org/repository/script/id/2088
  12. KevinHouse


    You forgot the metal boots or vambraces. Get 40 ranged.
  13. Hi, I'm also from early 2013 Oldschool cool. Wanted to bot when oldschool came out. Wanted to stop when I was banned 2014. Now I like to write the scripts what I do now what.
  14. After dumping the wiki with their stupid to parse tables I also got the buy limits where available. ID,HIGH_ALCH,BUY_LIMIT of tradables: https://pastebin.com/ZZ90seh* * because of no likes, find it yourself it could be any regex("az")
  15. I should have done them in 1 time. I have been blacklisted from rsbuddy now. Can someone do the remaining ids?
  16. I'm scraping them of the OSBuddy website. It does take some time because I don't want to get blacklisted from OSBuddy or CloudFlare. Here is 1000/21491: https://pastebin.com/eCJrxvce 3000/21491: https://pastebin.com/J5Bu1QpC Format is ID,PRICE Am I missing IDs or items by linearly scanning?
  17. Prayer is the biggest gold sink I know.
  18. OSBuddy was down for me. Grand exchange sometimes gives me parsing errors and hard to parse potions with the ( & ). I missed 2 ranarr seeds. This uses the in-game loot notifications to get a price for an item. @Override public void serverMessageReceived(String s) { if (s.contains("Valuable drop: ")) { int stack; String name; int price; if (s.contains(" x ")) { String stackS = s.substring(s.indexOf(": ")+2); stack = Integer.parseInt(stackS.substring(0, stackS.indexOf(" "))); name = stackS.substring(stackS.indexOf(" x ")+3, stackS.lastIndexOf(" (")); price = (int) ((long)(Integer.parseInt((s.substring(s.lastIndexOf("(")+1, s.lastIndexOf(" coins)"))).replaceAll(",", ""))) / (long) stack); LootHelper.addPrice(name, price); } else { price = Integer.parseInt((s.substring(s.lastIndexOf("(")+1, s.lastIndexOf(" coins)"))).replaceAll(",", "")); name = s.substring(s.indexOf(": ")+2, s.lastIndexOf(" (")); LootHelper.addPrice(name, price); } } }
  19. From the logs you posted there seems to be an error with the GUI. Try deleting your .tribot folder. It could be a malconfigured settings file.
  20. Restart the client to fix. You can't log in because you're already logged in?
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