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  1. RSGP Massive Crashing?

    Prayer is the biggest gold sink I know.
  2. In-game price grabbing

    OSBuddy was down for me. Grand exchange sometimes gives me parsing errors and hard to parse potions with the ( & ). I missed 2 ranarr seeds. This uses the in-game loot notifications to get a price for an item. @Override public void serverMessageReceived(String s) { if (s.contains("Valuable drop: ")) { int stack; String name; int price; if (s.contains(" x ")) { String stackS = s.substring(s.indexOf(": ")+2); stack = Integer.parseInt(stackS.substring(0, stackS.indexOf(" "))); name = stackS.substring(stackS.indexOf(" x ")+3, stackS.lastIndexOf(" (")); price = (int) ((long)(Integer.parseInt((s.substring(s.lastIndexOf("(")+1, s.lastIndexOf(" coins)"))).replaceAll(",", ""))) / (long) stack); LootHelper.addPrice(name, price); } else { price = Integer.parseInt((s.substring(s.lastIndexOf("(")+1, s.lastIndexOf(" coins)"))).replaceAll(",", "")); name = s.substring(s.indexOf(": ")+2, s.lastIndexOf(" (")); LootHelper.addPrice(name, price); } } }
  3. Tribot Login issue

    From the logs you posted there seems to be an error with the GUI. Try deleting your .tribot folder. It could be a malconfigured settings file.
  4. Tribot Login issue

    Restart the client to fix. You can't log in because you're already logged in?
  5. MyFighter

  6. Giant Mole script

    I was just wondering why you're not making one. One difficulty is finding the mole. The GPS yellow arrow isn't hooked.
  7. Auto Favour Pro Development

    Maybe you can use this for the quest.
  8. [P] Item Combiner request

    You`ll also need to click howmuch items to make of what or is this for darts?
  9. automating microsoft mouse keys.

    Enable Mouse Keys in the option pane of the mouse. To open the pane, choose Apple menu > System Preferences, click Accessibility, then click Mouse & Trackpad.
  10. Can someone help me get into botting?

    I Can PM you, if you can PM me on the forums instead of Discord.
  11. Mouse Speed

    ezConstruction is broken since more than a month if I'm not mistaken.
  12. Cant save in Account Manager

    Do you have a .tribot folder under %appdata%?
  13. MyFighter

    The issue with warrior guild is identifying the right animated armour. The GPS/Yellow arrow is not hooked in tribot.