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  1. KevinHouse

    TRiBot Release 9.401_0

    Finally the hint arrow!!!! I've been wanting to bot agility tickets forever.
  2. KevinHouse


    Disabled due to high user count and no constructive comments.
  3. KevinHouse

    Cannot detect NPS's

    Restart the client. If that doesn`t work: Delte .tribot folder in %appdata% and local runescape data. Start, load and quit the OSRS client once. Then run the tribot client.
  4. KevinHouse

    Teleport to friends house API

    if (interface.isVisible()) { KeyBoard.SendText("YoMamma"); }
  5. KevinHouse


    v1.3 is out now! Next thing to add is settings.
  6. Why do you want emojis when we have smileys already?
  7. KevinHouse

    LG lagging issues.

    When looking at the Java version in the option pane what version do you have?
  8. KevinHouse

    Gods Air Orb Charger [ABC2] [250-400k+/hr]

    Depends on what account you use and the breaking method. The more QP the safer.
  9. KevinHouse

    2 accounts banned what do i do now?

    Contact your ISP, request a new IP. You should get a new IP every few months.
  10. KevinHouse

    [P] Scripter required for Herb script.

  11. KevinHouse

    Getting High Alch values for an item

    After dumping the wiki with their stupid to parse tables I also got the buy limits where available. ID,HIGH_ALCH,BUY_LIMIT of tradables: https://pastebin.com/ZZ90seh* * because of no likes, find it yourself it could be any regex("az")
  12. KevinHouse

    Getting High Alch values for an item

    https://pastebin.com/ZdauTmxZ 10k/21k
  13. KevinHouse

    Getting High Alch values for an item

    I should have done them in 1 time. I have been blacklisted from rsbuddy now. Can someone do the remaining ids?
  14. KevinHouse

    Getting High Alch values for an item

    Because it's in scripting help: