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  1. bug with fishing salmon and tuna at barbarian village, it sometimes runs fine but then there is many occasions when it has the user action of 'dropping junk' but just doesn't do anything. Another problem being the script just doesn't do anything in general press run and either the same problem of dropping junk and nothing happens or the script just doesn't work. Please fix this
  2. when I was using it yesterday I pressed allow option but the problem I'm having is I open my script folder click the fishing one it says downloading then in the text box says script ended
  3. https://gyazo.com/470198fe1cfd307ec1c108435677c268 https://gyazo.com/7acfd9bb9acf660f41cad86bb06c139b there is two screenshots of code couldn't copy and paste the code from tribot client as wouldn't let me
  4. Getting error when start script it says downloading scripts then gives me error and stops error about java.lang.Thread.run(unknown source)
  5. Script was working now its stopped I keep getting this message as shown below. Unsure why it does this [12:50:30] Downloading script 'aAgility v2'. [12:50:33] Script Started: aAgility v2. [12:50:37] Food ID: 379 [12:50:38] Disabled all randoms. [12:50:38] Enabled random solver: SKILLXPITEM. [12:50:40] java.lang.OutOfMemoryError: Java heap space [12:50:40] Script Ended: aAgility v2.
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