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  1. LG doesnt make a difference i got banned few moments ago lol got to 83 wc
  2. was using LG and still got banned? what other money making bots are there thanks
  3. @Encoded thanks the bot is working well so far hitting 80 wc on first bot and 60 on 2nd bot both members and ocassionally speak on them when they are running so it dont look like im botting
  4. im using the free one its brilliant at the moment lol
  5. i am using looking glass how does it work what does it actually do? thanks
  6. i had trouble too but you have to open noramal runescape client first then run looking glass
  7. the bot is going good so far got to 77 woodcutting with it
  8. thanks mate can i add u on here if i need any further questions to ask?
  9. how do i use looking glass i keep getting JAVA JDK??? help pelase
  10. oskillzey


    how do i use it ?
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