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    Chat shit get banged ynwa

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  1. Got permed quitting for ever 

  2. He ready stated that :/
  3. In this day and age of instgram / mtv people will never be happy!
  4. works fine
  5. Happens to me sometimes when the wifi cuts out
  6. testing would be faster to bank the drop?
  7. Make sure u setup up script correctly !
  8. I havnt seen one person get unbanned i was going to try him a while back but thought nah.
  9. Alot harder to bot and no get caught compared to before but saying that as long as your carefull and use good scripts and commen sense your be ok! looking glass is a option that makes it look like you using a offical client .
  10. Looking glass acting up? Via bot debug
  11. sorry dint no u had autism peace x