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  1. Bought 10 credits, everything from adding him to my skype to recieving my credits were done within 10 minutes, fast and professional!
  2. Okay, it randomly now clicks twice for each trap. First click misses the trap, the next one is the right one and gets the chinchompa. Was wondering if this is intentional because it didnt to that yesterday.
  3. Wow man, awesome! Can't wait to try this out
  4. Script works fine for me so far, bought it yesterday. Like someone mentioned before, can we get shift dropping please? And could it do dialogs with the falconer using space and numbers?
  5. It gets stuck on any dialog too. It walked to edge general store and clicked to talk with store manager, stood there solid 10 minutes before I noticed Happened with polling booth too as previously mentioned, but I didnt notice when it did happen.
  6. I have the same problem, bot freezez when it starts killing the dragons. Same as you - have no idea why it does that. Would appreciate some help
  7. Oh my, I'm a fucking moron, thank you totally forgot u can do that...
  8. Script keeps skulling my bot, is it something done wrong on my part? Thanks
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