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  1. senpai notice me

  2. Just as an update Jagex did reply to my email asking for cancellation. Turns out 'Mod Rian' contacted me lol. Regardless its probably all just copy and paste crap.
  3. Yeah that's what i've gone and done now, just in case they don't reply.
  4. Honestly, if they don't reply then i'm fucked as I cashed out all of my balance on RP on LoL so I have no money to pay for my next month of membership > If they do play that game of not replying though, then its gonna be so lame .-. Like you said anyway, probably just a money ploy to cash in even more.
  5. 'As your feedback is important to us, we want you to have the opportunity to contact us personally' - Quote from Jagex's automated email response to your email asking for members cancellation. If you didn't know already, you now have to email Jagex about cancelling your membership rather than just clicking the cancel button on the subscriptions management. I imagine this is going to be a huge ball ache to those who want to possibly stop gold farming and cancel all the memberships or something along the lines of that. Jagex supposedly want to hear why you're cancelling your memberships, 'personally'. In my opinion, its all crap and honestly I don't think people will even go to the efforts of putting why they cancelled it due to this new system. Anyway, there is a reason to this post, what are your thoughts on this new method? Is it gonna' cause you any troubles? Thanks for reading. ^-^
  6. (8) And the bells are ringing out for Ramadan. (8)
  7. Welcome to TRiBot! I hope you enjoy your time here. If you need any help w/ scripting please check out the scripting help section! I look forward to see your work.
  8. The OSbot client has been down for a week straight. This is why you pay, for a quality and reliable client. As for the scripts, its hard to update scripts with all the constant updates from Jagex, especially for free aswell. Wait a while for an updated version of the script, its not easy to keep maintenance.
  9. Please, watch, and learn... https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hpdZwuyEmRk
  10. Just got banned now on my account. Been using it for 3 days. (bot busting moderate)
  11. So, random tiles chosen in like a certain radius?
  12. Web-Walking-Bot, static movement?
  13. Would you care to screenshot this instead of copy and pasting it please?
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