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    Neither of those scripts have both ernest the chicken and romio and juliet meaning they do not meet my requirements. You people are cancer always trying to get me to settle for something that already exists. I'm in the damn REQUEST forum because what I want doesn't exist in the repository already. I'm not asking that 1/3 or 1/2 of my requirements are met, I'm asking for a scripter to make it to my liking for an agreed price. You non-scripters should either be helpful and link a scripter or just move on with your life.
  2. Goldslaw

    [P] Starter Quester

    Request: Quester Description: This quester needs only to be able to do ernest the chicken and romeo and juliet in a chain and collect all items Payment Amount: Negotiable. Time:It would be nice to have it asap. Additional:it would also be nice if it could also kill some chickens and cook them before doing ernest the chicken and then use the chicken to heal during ernest the chicken
  3. First off please read this whole post or don't respond. When I startup the Tribot loader and select a proxy to use in the loader, the bot starts up with the proxy just fine. I've checked the runtime info and it is using the proxies and they are most definitely working proxies. The big issue is when I click " New Client (Advanced)" and select a different proxy to use , the new client uses the same proxy as I first selected in the loader. Every client I start up uses the same proxy (that I selected in startup) regardless of selecting a different one with the "New client (advanced)" option. Before anyone says anything I have closed and reopened the whole Tribot instance multiple times, I have even tried selecting no proxy in startup then using the "New Client (Advanced)" option to select one and when I do it this way it simply uses no proxy at all. This is a real deal breaker for me if this doesn't work. Can someone please help me fix this issue?