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  1. I've bought so many bonds off of him, I've lost track. He is 1 of 2 people supplying my goldfarm with bots.
  2. Explain yourself. woodcutting takes 1 night to get to 60, which results in 70k+ an hour.
  3. Heard some time ago that jmods delete accounts at times.
  4. despicable, could you test this out for me. Use 10 runners via safe route with nats.
  5. A shame I bought master chopper before this LOL. Anyways, gonna keep buying these as my farm expands.
  6. When turning on run, make sure it doesnt missclick on 1 mousekey please. Woke up to it having turned on 1 mousekey and having cut 400 logs in 10 hours.
  7. Update. Got my vps bought, also bought me a set of JBLs, got 4 accounts banned, luckily my mule wasnt one of them, so I can still work back to 5 accounts. Atm I've my mule + 1 wcer botting. Now that I've my first vps, I'll suicide 5 accounts again until I can afford 2 more and 6 more accounts with bonds.
  8. So, here's my question. How much would it take per event, for you to personally take every single random and make them yourself?
  9. Would it be possible to buy an auth for say 5 accounts? I wanna start running different stuff on my goldfarm and wanna start off with 5 to see how it goes.
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