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  1. Right, never did that before, I just figured the IDE was able to import it by itself somehow lol. Anyway, I'll figure the rest out now. Thanks alot!
  2. Hi, I have some java experience and figured I wanted to have a go at creating my own script, so I looked at the "Scripting Tutorial" by Trilez, and everything makes sense to me, but as I try to import the org.tribot.script.Script i get an error... I've read through the beginning of the tutorial but I really can't find what I'm doing wrong, is it possible that the tutorial is outdated and that I should import something else? Thanks!
  3. I cannot seem to add a profile, I'm just getting a "make sure you have a valid ui_util" error, why is that? Is it because I'm on trial version or something? Great script though, gonna grab myself a copy!
  4. Wow, I appreciate you Butta, you already helped me once this week and now you're trying again! I figured it out, I feel a bit stupid now afterwards but I had the "master" setting on instead of "solo", so yeah, nothing wrong with the bot as far as I can tell anyway.
  5. Hey, seems like fire runes are not working at all in normal crafting. Tried both using duel rings and "normal walking", will definitely buy once that's fixed! -EDIT- When selecting the options in the GUI, see attached image, the script just uses the ring to TP to duel arena over and over again without ever banking or crafting runes. Should be easy enough to replicate and hopefully fix http://imgur.com/a/lZxkV -EDIT2- Okay, sorry, I didn't realize I was using the "master" option, my bad :/
  6. Great, thanks alot!
  7. Hi I was just wondering if botting on a socks5 proxy that uses whitelist IPs instead of authentication accounts? I've found a website where I'm thinking of buying some proxies, but instead of username and pass they work with IP-lists that are allowed, basically, will this work with TriBot or is it somehow gonna screw up things? Thanks!
  8. Anyone have advise or a link to a tutorial for mule safety? Seems like a major issue to me if a mule gets banned
  9. Have you tried botting on their hours? If so, did you get banned faster?
  10. Thanks for the tip, but I feel like any method involving suicide botting would be too unsustainable for me. It would involve getting new proxies and creating new accounys too often for me. I think I'll probably look to find some script that can run like 6-8 hours a day without getting banned for at least 2 weeks. Do you guys think it's possible that any of the premium scripts on TriBot can do that or will I have to get a private script?
  11. Yeah thanks, seems very obvious now, but at least I got a refund on my VPS lol. Why just one account at a time? Will using many accounts on the same IP get you banned?
  12. Thanks! Do you know if there is any way someone would be willing to mentor me, maybe for discounted gold or something? Is this common in the goldfarm community, and is there even a community?
  13. Would you care to elaborate? I've been locked several times doing tut by hand on a proxie, so this sort of has to be true?
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