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  1. Seems to be I'm having the same problem as some other people. Looking glass is taking forever to find the client. When it finally does find the client it just hangs on downloading jar forever and never gets in. Trying to load without looking glass ends in sort of the same way except that with the normal client I can run new client (advanced) and edit the world to be 318 and then it loads in just fine. Everything was running just fine last night. Up to date java, hooks deleted. Tribot issues, server issues, am I missing something issues? Little edit update: After about 10 minutes it suddenly loaded the Jar..I guess I'll leave this up in case I'm not the only one?
  2. Still broken. On ardy course if the second spot you can fail at causes you to fall the bot just clicks up by the minimap forever until it runs off into the distance. At this point I don't know if it's the script or a tribot issue. Anyone else still having problems?
  3. Re-sizable mode is still broken for anyone wondering.
  4. Really could use a fail safe for no xp gain. Sometimes if the camera angle is right it just stands at ardy bank spam clicking the mini map where it can't walk. Should also have the bot logout when it runs out of food in the bank. Currently it just stands there withdrawing dodgy necklaces and then banking them over and over. Pretty stupid.
  5. Sure isn't for me. EDIT: Scratch that. After many hours I figured it out. I have to be running OSbuddy in 32bit but my tribot has to be running in 64bit.
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