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  1. Guys i was scam few months like 5+ ? from this website is totaly scam. and i check today because was saved on my browser this link and is still working and i type on chat if was they was not banned yet and they disconect me from the chat.. is not a way guys to block this website? im sure are more websites like this but idk we dont have to power to stop this website and similar websites like this? website link: https://runescape07gold.com/
  2. i mean the first method with tokkoul
  3. Recommand https://www.bottingvps.com/
  4. ok ty for info guys.
  5. the account is not banned .. the actualty proxy is not banned.. but if i use another proxy.. wil affect my account? (a fresh proxy)
  6. hello guys.. i have 1 account - 1 fresh proxy my question is: i need to rebuy same proxy? or after the proxy is gone i can buy another fresh proxy and use on this account.. have some problem if i use another . easy for understand: if i use another proxy can be a problem on my account? risk ban or something? PS: all the proxy is buy and are fresh .. no bans on the proxy or something like that. Sorry for bad english.. i hope you can understand
  7. Smon

    Exshoper only 1 world

    I want to let exshoper only 1 world like 10 hours .. not to change or something.. is bad? i risk ban or something?
  8. i need piscarilius favour 100% ... is any script??
  9. Hello. I use exshoper script.. and i save a profile setting. I want to copy this profile from exshoper to save another tribot client / another pc. can you help me with that please? PS: easy way - i want to find profile settings from exshoper script and to copy this file.. and put in another tribot account / pc
  10. Smon

    Tribot multi login

    Thanks for the answer. And if i use many accounts in just one account tribot.. maybe can affect the account? dont work property or something? chain-ban etc?
  11. Smon

    Tribot multi login

    If i use tribot on many account .. have something ? Example: 1 account tribot - 5 accounts runescape work? or maybe can be a problem?
  12. good.. because i read some posts from here and another forum.. chain ban if 2 account are running .. 1 with bot and another with no scripts.. but im dont remember if they use proxy or not..
  13. I have a question / problem i think.. I have a VPS special for runescape.. and i have a bot running with a proxy.. my question is: if i add one more bot in this vps... result 2 bots runing in the same time.. but all bots with diferent and fresh proxy ip.. if one bot take ban.. the second bot take also ban?
  14. My question is what is the best script for wine of zamorak with telekinetic grab skill? PS: are any script premium for this method?
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