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  1. @TacoManStan Hey I just bought this but when I loaded it up I try to put my itesm in but everytime I type a item it I cant find it and the item list just says null for everything
  2. Shoot me a message im in the proccess of trying to remember my skype pass word im currently deployed to korea and its hard for me to get it recovored with out a phone lol
  3. Hey man check out my page and add me on skype =D
  4. Im looking For somebody to make me 2 Accounts shoot me your offers I will Provide all the login details You will Recieve 3 Login details (1) My Alt That Shall hold the gear (2) & (3) will be the accounts that need trained. I will need tut island completed, 15 agility, 10 fishing, 10 cooking, 36 Wc, 31 Craft, 13 magic Once i get the ball rolling ill be needing more of these at a time just an fyi ( I Dont Need These At this very moment Im Just getting estimates) T.0.S type stuff 4 Days to complete this unless something comes up let me know thats all lol but this is a easy/quick build shouldnt take close to that. ( To make this easier on you ill have my alt account in lumby with all the items you need to reach the bank lvls) If trusted ill throw 2 bonds on him aswell. If not We can both throw a bond down and lll reimburse you afterwards. You shall recieve payment after services are done unless your trusted, ill already be leaving 1-2 Bonds dont need to lose more. Bot Dont Bot Idc either way the account has 10 days if anytime beetween 1-10 days the account gets banned your liable and i would only ask you give half the payment and half the bond back. Feel Free to Add my Skype below and dicuss with me
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