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  1. It works but it'll open up the fishing guide while checking experience pretty often. There's no failsafe so it'll just keep click on the fishing guide trying to fish.
  2. Mine still works; What part is giving you guys trouble?
  3. Oldschool Runescape is on my mind!

  4. Hey, Warfront1, I was reading some of these other posts and decided to tell you how I felt about your so called script. It's pretty wonderful, I started it about 5 hours ago at level 1 and I'm almost level 34 runecrafting. You're doing a superb job and I wanted to thank you for taking time out of your day to post a free script for us, non-coders. I and I'm sure many others, appreciate it.
  5. Hello, I ran your script for roughly 10 minutes just to test it out and give you some feedback. I didn't test it for long enough to see the banking path Pros: Hovers next hill giant to maintain constant combat. Loots big bones, limwurt roots.. etc Antiban Cons: It rotates screen left - right - left - right - left - right in short fast incriments. When hovering the next hill giant it scrolls up and down it over and over again Always loots even when no loot is selected Doesn't pause or stop the script once started; I had to close out of tribot client completely Suggestions: Fix the obvious errors. I.E. looting. Slow down on the antiban; Rotate left (pause) Rotate up (pause).. etc Have it go into your skill tab and check remaining experience till level for attack, strength, defence, hitpoints..etc
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