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  1. I want a program that opens a browser and connects to a website for e.g youtube invisible in the background (you won't see it in the taskbar) but is still running. Will pay a quick 50€ in BTC for this. Please add me on skype: Cluckn-bell
  2. Only time to code, nothing else. Fun thing just to know, I would never ask money online for any "investments" And if I ask investments then you would invest your time, wich after pays off.
  3. They don't bet with me? I'm willing to pay someone to code my formula's into a pocket computer and then I'll test it out with my money... THEN payout the partners I'm talking about real life casino with real you know... people.
  4. Dear partners, I would like to introduce you to my project, its grayhat because fuck casino's! Basicllly I will give you formulas wich you put into a code on a android app. It needs to have a button we can use to set the variables. If you're interested add me on SKYPE: Cluckn-bell ASAP. With a polished calculator we can rake in $5000 up to $10000 if not more per week (I will use mules to play aswell so we can fuck over the casino more) The game we will playing is in real live roulette since you're allowed to place bets after the ball has bin spung. I can tell what formulas we need to use and how to calculate the ball and get us a better house edge. Even if we get a 30% house edge it gives us enough to win. And leave with profit. LEGGO
  5. Request: Alching script with features Description: It should alch, also when someone is nearby it should logout instant and login a different world (Members world), unless that person is in the same clanchat or friends list (prefer clanchat) Payment Amount: 100€ Price is negotioble. Time: 4 days Additional: If the bot breaks down or I find a bug I expect some help thats all. Skype: Cluckn-bell
  6. Guys I got cought selling kilo's hashis and 250grams of cocaine and some other bullshit, I will speak to you in about 6 months.
  7. As I cannot Delete my account, I can move on with my investments story. I'm currently racking in almost 2000 euro a week. Will take some rest ATM. Roughty 150/400 euro's a day. I have proof of anything if you guys don't believe me.
  8. Guys I'm trying to get my account deleted for security reasons.
  9. UPDATE **** I currently have 6k to invest, my own 2k is in there aswell. I expect around 15k more total = 20k till begin september. I'm working hard for my money and won't buy the top donate soon I could if i want to but it seems useless A.T.M Also there is some phising going on. I had an E-Mail saying that some swedish IP tried to logon on my account. However that is not the case! I can still login on my account with no problem! BE AWERE!!! They say that you need to reset your password! Don't do this! OTHER WISE THEY WILL PROP HAVE YOUR PASSWORD! Thanks for reading.
  10. I know him since highschool, he hacked answers for tests. He is that good. Partly correct that is when I'm working on my projects. I know him pretty long (since highschool) And gave him plenty of idea's to work on aswell, he currently is working on a android app that has over 15k downloads, and that is only with my creativity. I did not ask any money from him what so ever. I only ask money when I want to try something out, wich then you are correct I get a better deal of.
  11. Not to mention I pay taxes and paying my house I still have around 0.8k / 1k a month. I see this as a assest not a liability. Sounds fair enough for me. I will help the next 3 people with their project for free, give them enough guide lines on how to work and enlarge their vision, effectively creating a new perspect of hopefully life. 3 people, including @Trynabot. Skype: Cluckn-bell
  12. Nicely constructed argument. This is somewhat true I have to say but there is one flaw. If you decide to work with me and you make "$10" Of course I would ask some charge. You're making $10 now because of what I told to do. Please remember this is a large category, I'm just here to guide people on how to do it only better. Willing to say critical feedback to understand what I'm capable of before we even start the consultation, then you decide if I'm worth your money only to make more money. Skype: Cluckn-bell
  13. Oh BTW I'm not using this account to bot, I and my russian friend are running the accounts. He does all the scripting/setup. His job is to make everything work. My job is to plan everything and use methods that are not that known. On top of that I'm also running analysis on various projects and give out idea's.
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