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  1. What preparation do you guys usually use for the bots? I doubt you will last one day with a level 3?
  2. Hey guys I was just wondering what happens to your proxy when you close tribot LG before the client and are still logged in. Will you be logged in on your normal IP for some time?
  3. deobus


    Yes finally. But now my bonds expired...
  4. deobus


    Good one
  5. Oh shit alright thats embarrassng lol . I'll still choose not to use a singleton though for the robustness and the edge case someone uses tabs. Thanks for the info!
  6. Whenever I log in with looking glass, the bot debug just absolutely overloads with nullpointerexceptions. My scripts stopped working as well.
  7. Yeah but as soon as one uses more than one tab, everything breaks. And wait i thought you just said that the JVM will share any static variables with the same name. So if they have a different client open the singleton will be shared as well.
  8. Ah shit now I get it. So it doesn't matter if they have their own build, the JVM will still share it. Thanks a lot for the info man. I guess singleton is out then.
  9. I know, but my questions is: when i run multiple instances of the script in tribot, will they all access this same Settings instance. I don't know if Tribot just instantiates my script multiple times or if every thread has it's own build.
  10. Ok thanks.. but doesn't really answer my question. I'll make it a bit more specific. public class Whatever() { private static final Settings settings = Settings.getInstance(); // do stuff with settings } Is this safe or will multiple threads use the same instance of settings?
  11. Thanks for the answer, but let me clarify a bit more. If i run multiple bots with this script, and i store Some values in a singleton, will these values leak to the other bots (because they use the same instance of the class) or does a different bot uses his own copy of the code? Basically what I'm asking is: does Tribot use multi-threading? @TRiLeZ i actually think you're the only one who can answer this.
  12. It completely broke for me today. Gets stuck on either Walking to dungeon or walking to the bank
  13. I was wondering if it's possible to use singletons or if Tribot loads script by making instances of them.
  14. Hey guys, I'm having a difficult time deciding on how to structure my script properly. Are there any standards that high quality scripters in the community use? Perhaps somebody has some open source projects that I can look into for some inspiration? Any other good practises that I need to know about? Thanks in advance!
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