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  1. I have used this script for about a week now. Running on 2 accounts at master farmers after level 38. I only ran the bots 4 hours a day and they have both been banned. I had even trained other skills and done quests on both accounts. I even used looking glass so there was no client detection... No clue what I could be doing wrong... beware
  2. chris4678

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    I thought anything below .5 was considered non human though?
  3. chris4678

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    I get the same issue when using the human butler. It will attempt to make 2 larders before the butler comes back instead of 1. It fails to create the second one every time causing the butler to not be able to give me every plank slowing everything down even more.
  4. chris4678

    |w| Constructor [REWRITTEN 2.0] [ABC2 L10]

    This script is working however I have concerns about two things. First on the settings the option to use ABC2 delays is greyed out. Is this intentional? Is the script still safe to use at the moment? Second when making oak larders it saves the planks needed to make one last one before sending the demon butler to get more. It then tries to build and remove it before the butler gets back. However, it is just a little bit too slow and the demon butler interupts the removal every time. I am thinking failing to remove the larder 100% of the time after sending the butler to the bank would be a pretty easy thing to detect. How can I fix this? The speed setting seems to do nothing.
  5. Where else would you have it go to be safer for a money making bot? I have 2 bots that I have done quests and trained up over 500 total level. I have had them in Draynor pick pocketing master farmers for about a week without issue. I only run them about 4-5 hours a day though.
  6. What loot settings do I need to set up as an ironman? It keeps getting stuck trying to pick up other peoples loot. Do I need to always find a spot by myself? Other than just not looting what can I do to get around this?