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  1. Buy 5 credits 1m ea add my skype brent.mccowan2
  2. Make this $100 lmao
  3. The script ran fine at first, I watched it do 2 inventorys. After that I went to bed, according to my tribot console the script ran for about 8 hours, and I only gained 120 Bones/Hides. Not sure where it slipped up as I wasn't watching it. I know my character was in Varrock square after just completing a run.
  4. Plagiarized guide: http://www.2007hq.com/guides/misc_guides/pumpkin_hunting_guide.php
  5. mine still gets messed up at the gnome stronghold bank stairs :/ (atfer update of tribot )
  6. update please, im having same problems as the guy above me
  7. update please, im having same problems as the guy above me