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  1. any list of good scripts to use in safe spots
  2. Light orbs can be used to fix magical lamps in Dorgesh-Kaan, by using an empty light orb on a piece of Cave goblin wire. Level 87 Crafting is needed to create an empty light orb, which gives 70 Crafting experience. Adding a cave goblin wire grants 104 xp. Level 52 Firemaking is needed to fix a lamp, giving 1000 Firemaking experience. When a player has replaced 100 light orbs they will receive the message "You have replaced 100 orbs and have gained extra experience." The bonus received is 5000 firemaking xp. is it possible this i know u already have blowing the light orb
  3. i do 60-70 cb skills 47 con 70 minning and 70 agility. us old accounts that are at least a year old this is from just one account
  4. Are you buying or selling RS 07 GP : selling Amount you want to buy/sell : 130m What payment option : paypal Have you added me on Skype? : yes
  5. nightowl5894

    Delta Cooker

    any one els having troubles as of this morning
  6. was having trouble yesterday woundering if u need an acc to fix the attacking part of the script
  7. @Usa i will gladly lend you an acc just added u on skype
  8. yeah u change the settings in gui. i see all these comments of people saying it doesnt work. just fill the gui out right and it runs flawless
  9. close to 100k+/h with gold smithing gloves ill make sure to post some proggies i also mine my ore and use the nates i get from dragon so i get the most gain and plus some gps
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