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  1. wish there was a bank organizing script would be amazing tbh
  2. This. Has been this way for months and I've noticed it myself. Always the reason I ended up world hopping until it was completely empty. Just worried about getting banned using this even though I use LG. Not quite sure if its worth it to risk my main
  3. hilarious. Aint that shit true
  4. doubled0218

    Good times

    Actually, yes. This is devious enough to work with little to no effort.
  5. @Zainy, does this script still work? any bans at all, if so, lately? still supported in 2015 with LG?
  6. Thank you for informing me about that @Tri I wasn't even aware. I think it would be worth looking into the continuous attempts to login despite the "wait a couple minutes, too many login attempts" error is up. has anyone else experienced this?
  7. I am now just running the script forthe first time in a little while so I'm noticing the "quick hop" feature just now. The new feature seems great and would have been ideal had Jagex not updated yesterday. quickhop is more human-like then say the previous regular hop, but still there is then the fact that there is no failsafe like my account tried to keep logging in even though I was getting the "too many login attempts, wait a few minutes" so quite obvious i'm a bot just attempting mindlessly Also I like the quickhop but, Looking glass... it should use the quick world hop feature that osbuddy has attached? If you're not using osbuddy for looking glass and you're using say Jagex's webclient, then shouldn't you implement using the "world switcher" feature that Jagex just added? One of these has to be done now since times have changed Its too obvious to Jagex now @Tri .. If a player still uses the outdated traditional logout, then hop worlds method this will raise a big red flag Every human playerr now is either usingOSBuddy's attached widget world hopper/fast hopper, or they are using Jagex's new "World Switcher" button.
  8. Is this quickhopping feature actually using the world switcher Jagex just released? I was literally just about to post about it, how they added it and how it may have messed up the log out button therefore world hopping. Did you really implement it already?
  9. Idk it seemed like it was working O.K. yesterday for me. I know the worldhopping was completely fucked, like It wrote half my password and sat there spamming login with no info I think for like 3 hrs. IDK if this is a clientside issue or one with your script, Nevertheless basically, special attacks, pots, item switching, and worldhopping all dont work. scaling from worst-best(worldhopping works but seems to have trouble 60% of the time) Although i'm not sure how amazing it works, i do love the hop whenever a player speaks feature. I think that is simply grand. It also has a tendency to crash other players, like if you are training west for example it'll just run on over and steal someones experiment, this isnt a massive issue but indeed can cause issues/promote reports. Hope I helped in the slightest Tri, Feel free to Pm me if I can help further in any way Dan
  10. you go bruh really miss this though real talk.. since i payed for it all i've gotten was 3 days of runtime and a nice perm ban on my main. me being the devious guy I am wishes i can run it on this account despite it being probably asking for a ban
  11. How is this script? is anybody even using? any proggies? How does this help me splash?
  12. Is VIP E worth it? In short is it proven that Jagex knows when you use OS buddy and when you use TRIBOT? If they do see that you constantly switch clients I would imagine that would raise a rather large red flag. @chrismoon @[member=J M C]
  13. Sadly world hopping is broken as it wont hit the big red login button and proceeds tomove the mouse around the screen and follow experiments as if the black screen wasnt barring your vision Also attacks other people experiments and stands there for 4 seconds staring at it before SLOWLY spinning the camera around and attacking another exp just like a bot would
  14. wow I'll be so curious to see if you get a perm down the road even if you legit play for like a year. No way dude. This is making me want to risk my main account
  15. @Tri there are a lot of us that love and purchased this script. I really want to continue to use it can you please update and support?
  16. lol.. my post got removed? thats sad cause all I was doing was warning others not to make the same mistake as I... Dont buy this script. Its been this way for weeks now, using this script is begging for a ban and jagex heavily watches the air obelisk. especially when there are plenty of detectable errors this script makes
  17. bump i want to buy this fucking script can you fix? bank chest was added today to barbarian assault which should greatly increase xp/hr also sales driven for people wanting to get a piece of the pie. Get on it bruh
  18. just happened to me maxed rs3 legend with almost maxed 07 1 def pure fcape 30m+ ect
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