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  1. mayhs


    Do you guys know what triggers their out of hoyrs detection system? @adamhackz @realidadk2 i got a ban 9pm and 11pm UK time after these bot died due to the "hp not being detected and to delete hooks file". They manually ran to the place due to being out of teleport scrolls then died again then i stopped the script, restarted tribot, ran for a few mins then they got banned. Seems like i triggered something as its first time ive been banned outside jagex hours.
  2. I'm happy to use the break handler anyway thanks guys
  3. Yeah I was thinking other than the break handler but thanks anyway
  4. Hi I was just wondering how do I run a script so that it stops after x amount of hours running and logs out?
  5. Hey @Aropupu for some reason when I take out 1 monkfish and 1 antidote from my bank it detects the antidotes in the bank but not the monkfish? Not sure why this is happening as it has never happened before.
  6. I could vouch for this +1 on staminas if you could add that feature
  7. Also is the state supposed to say "STARTUP" ? I can't tell if the script is working properly or not for me. Surely it would say "finding stake" or something? Can you type the stake values as "1M" or would I have to type "1,000,000" ? Minimum win chance value do i put 52 or 52% ?
  8. Does this avoid people that hasta scam i.e. that are wielding the hasta during the stake interface?
  9. PM me on tribot or preferably add my skype: khilosia98
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