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  1. I heard from other ppl it doesnt matter if u use looking glass
  2. I received perm ban after botting for 2 days @ motherlode. Could any1 tell me wich settings are best to not get banned like break timers and maybe something else?
  3. and i am combat level 3 also but i expected to last 1 week or longer:p How long should i put up my break timer to bot mining?
  4. Hey, i mined for 2 days straight but my bot was taking a 10 sec break every 2 mins or so , Does looking glass work for anti ban and other things i might missed? maybe longer breaks?
  5. Hey, would love to participate! Thanks for the generosity, really appreciate having a shot at this I have a VPS with you guys right now, order #1296. Cheers, have a nice day and good luck y'all
  6. I need a private scripter add torva.boy on skype. basicly i want to take up an item then hop then when inv is full just run to a bank.
  7. I need a private scripter add torva.boy on skype and ill tell you what i need.
  8. Add torva.boy on skype then ill tell you the details.
  9. @aroupup bot is getting stuck on falador rooftop https://gyazo.com/c9d8b2d9bb6b7f65980c80ac26f2d644
  10. so i got a main and u say if i bot on another acc , my main could be banned?
  11. @Starfox the mining is still flawless, only the banking isn't working. the mouse is on the wrong spot.
  12. @Starfox script need an update because of the new ladder update (not up and down) just a use ladder option!
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