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  1. Im not using the LG and i would prefer to keep it that way. This seems to happen once every like 72 hour ish on avarage
  2. So from time to time, the login bot fails. For exampe, if my email is [email protected] and i leave the bot running with breaks for 12hrs. When coming back, the bot might ran only for 5hrs and is at the login screen with [email protected] typed in the username Seems like someone had the same problem but i dont have permission to see their post. Anyone know anything about this? Should i make my own login method?
  3. Hey, is there a way to know if random solver solved a random? Im planning on creating new thread and check every so often if random was solved, but dont know the method if there is one seeing if random is currently being solved or last random time would be nice edit: Anyone? is there a way to access client debug thingy and check it from there since it will print a line when solving random
  4. gray_hat


    Hey, i want to draw some information on the screen. How should i do it? Is this the way you are supposed to do it? Graphics2D g = Screen.getGameImage().createGraphics(); g.setColor(Color.BLACK); g.fillRect(30, 30, 100, 20); 50x per second ?
  5. gray_hat


    Does Mouse.move(x, y); use human mouse movement? Theres a DynamicMouse.move method, but it uses something called CustomRet_0P. Can someone tell me how to move the mouse for example to point 50, 50
  6. Oh yeah totally forgot about that, thanks man
  7. Any body else having issues? I cannot for example see my character position, and the NPCs option doesent recognize anything. I can move around and talk to npc's so it shouldnt be server side issue? https://gyazo.com/8713cd004d49628ba1b8081310151676 https://gyazo.com/411768e337212ba0258cad071dc7c452
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