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  1. Ya I get what you are saying, that's why I first wanted to watch a tutorial before I get into scripting at all and hopefully get a decent grasp at it. But I will prob dive into it way to early
  2. Well the poor java practices will prob go away, if me or some other basic scriptwriter would teach it the real way right. Like with a java programming course or education for a year or 2.
  3. Why wouldn't you recommend to jump in scripting a bit to early? Don't you learn alot by trial and error. Like making very basic scripts and looking at other open-source scrips and just trying things out.
  4. Hey, I'm willing to learn scripting, but first I wanna watch and do the java tutorial from Derek Banas. What I would like to know is: until which part should I watch the tutorial to have a decent understanding for scripting? Like which parts are essential and which are like kinda useless to watch for understanding scripting for tribot or any other bot site. Greetings. EDIT: I guess this needed to be posted in scripting help section!
  5. Ok good to now , but I have heard that your site is prob flagged. Is some of that true?
  6. Would this work with range to? Having 73 range and 42 def?
  7. Wow, looks promising. Goodjob guys
  8. Will this work with range? 42 def and 73 range.
  9. How is the banrate for abyss? Lower then the normale nature rune methods?
  10. Could your next release be the alchemy room? Really need that one
  11. What I start the script it keeps saying 'detecting' for the location and fishing, and 'waiting' for the status. Then it doesn't do anything, how come?
  12. WOW the price is really high lol