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  1. so I don't know if it happens when you get a magic level with this one but it definitely won't click through all the extra BS when you get a crafting level, if you unlock the ability to craft stuff at that level. it will click the initial congrats you leveled one but not the next one that says you've unlocked how to make x item.
  2. is there a way to fix the fact that the bot won't click through level-up messages when casting lunar spells?
  3. bot keeps clicking in the top-right corner of the client (not actually clicking on the minimap) to move, and it does nothing. any ideas if this is a script issue or a tribot issue? its the top right area in blue here that it keeps clicking on. it will only do this when it's trying to go back to the center of the MLM to deposit the paydirt and instead it clicks there and just runs back and forth between the ore sack and the bank edit: did some research and changed to resizable mode like you suggested for another user and it works. neat.
  4. what are peoples recent experiences with bans on this bot? if you're not getting banned, what are your sessions looking like? i normally don't bot for anything more than an hour and a half or so at a time at the absolute most and was wondering what everyone else was doing with this bot
  5. Tried to purchase $5 in credits, there's a charge already on my bank account but I have 0 credits. How can I get my credits OR get my money back? edit: additionally, trying to use different cards and it keeps telling me my cards are declined when there's obviously available funds on them.
  6. also having the same issue, i sometimes get past the client params screen and get to the downloading jar screen and then i get hit with a prompt that tribot isn't responding.
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