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  1. i could do it for some cash
  2. working rly well, just one thing it didnt log out when it finished today, finished in 3 hours but stayed logged in 8 hours standing 5 house at bank. please fix
  3. hey @JoeDezzy1 , could u look into the world hopping when it says under pk, i think it is a script thing because on some other premium scripts i have the world hopping works perfectly. basically it logs out when if feels there is a pker, then it clicks on the change worlds tab (lower left side of screen) then it just gets stuck on the screen with all the worlds. would be awesome if u could fix
  4. Another problem with bot atm is that when it goes to bank, it widthdraws all items for next trip, but then deposits 1 unpow orb and a food, then eats a food until full health, then it opens bank gets food and goes without taking out the other unpow orb. the problem here is that there is example 72 cosmics and 23 unpow orbs now in inv. this means when it uses the obelisk it charges and when it has finished instead of teleporting it still tries to charge because the bot thinks that there is still 1 unpow orb in inv. because of the remaining 3 cosmics please fix
  5. script doesnt go through house portal when it is at rimmington please fix
  6. act. i think the bug report i did before occurs when the bot breaks (just viewed lol) so its not rly a bug, just false statuses. still would be great if the bot wouldnt do so when breaking
  7. here is another bug, sometimes when the bot is at the altar making the orbs, the status randomly does so below and the account just logs out because the bot doesnt do anything when this happens please fix asap [14:22:04] Walking to obelisk... [14:22:04] Heading to dungeon... [14:22:11] Walking to obelisk... [14:22:11] Heading to dungeon... [14:22:17] Walking to obelisk... [14:22:17] Heading to dungeon... [14:22:24] Walking to obelisk... [14:22:24] Heading to dungeon... [14:22:30] Walking to obelisk... [14:22:30] Heading to dungeon... [14:22:36] Walking to obelisk... [14:22:36] Heading to dungeon... [14:22:45] Walking to obelisk... [14:22:45] Heading to dungeon...
  8. Also, the wilderness warning sign thing still doesnt work
  9. i am not able to verify if the bug was fixed, because the script doesnt run anymore. when on start it takes out food and the tele tabs but then it doesnt take out cosmics or unpowered orbs. it just shuts down and the status is: [01:26:44] Script Started: Battlestaff Orb Crafter.[01:26:57] Crafting: Air orb's[01:27:00] Opening bank...[01:27:03] Getting food...[01:27:10] Getting house tab...[01:27:12] Out of supplies... Thanks for using![01:27:13] Out of supplies!, thanks for using![01:27:13] Proggy saved to .tribot/screenshots[01:27:13] Script Ended: Battlestaff Orb Crafter.
  10. would u possibly be able to find the bug with the logging out issue rly need bot to log out when done with supplies lol usually away when running bot. it just stays on the bank screen and the debug is "getting cosmics".
  11. shitt i forgot that part, ill get it once i get it again