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  1. If an account was to get banned using the VPS, would there be any way for me to change/add a proxy on my own? (say if i buy one separate?)
  2. Keeps doing this, I thought it was because I was starting it at the wrong place but I've tested it at Gnome and Catherby...
  3. lol nice sig man i laughed

  4. No i mean the actual tribot folder local scripts folder doesn't open?
  5. mattytinsley

    Linux VPS

    How do i add a private script to a linux VPS? the script folder doesn't show up when i click on it.
  6. selling 10k cooked karambwans 1kea skype: mattie.osbot
  7. I can be your supplier add my skype!!!! mattie.osbot
  8. If you get this fixed, i'll buy.... thats another $5 for you a month. c'mon dude
  9. Can i ask a question? What are you doing to get these seeds? pickpocketing master farmers?
  10. got me 47 construction without a single problem, all you need is the right sups and it does everything!!! CHEERS MAN!!!!
  11. this keeps happening........ and i have no clue why.
  12. same with me, it just sits in the bank and does nothing
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