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  1. We can all agree that a person's health is more important than anyone botting on runescape. That being said, I figured I'd offer my own constructive criticism regarding the way that tribot operates: 1. First and foremost, be upfront with your customers. I know that it sucks to tell someone who is expecting something from you that you're not going to have it done for weeks, but transparency is always the best approach to customer service. Whenever we are left in the dark, we start assuming things. 2. As others have said, you should really hire another developer. Debugging is near impossible to do by yourself for large scale applications, as it is a practice that inherently benefits from having people with different perspectives working on it. 3. This is by far the highest quality bot client available for old school runescape. I honestly believe that if your team was more involved in the community, your customer base would be double what it is right now.
  2. In edgeville -- when the 'Warning, entering wilderness' message came up, it failed to click the 'accept' button
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