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  1. Duts

    Permaban after 3 hours

    The account was made members after tut island with a prepaid card i bought of g2a. I was chatty but haven't done any quests. Is Everyone here using LG or are there poeple having succes with the normal client mode? for proxy i was using PureVPN since i already have an account there. Since the vpn has the same ip for alot of poeple, it might have already been botted on and flagged? The account was locked after a few minuts i made it saying this account might be compromised, i had to open ticket where i Saïd i was using a vpn on the internet and they unlocked it no further questions asked. Maby my vpn was the cause of this?
  2. Duts

    Permaban after 3 hours

    then why is there a new client and advanced client option if LG would be a major solution to some of these problems. How do you level up a fresh account then while botting? how many hours of your own time do u need to put in there to safely start botting once and a while. Ive been using some own adjusted ahk skripts for things I'm 100% sure U can get permd on as well on my main/alt accounts without any repercussions so far. would it mean using own fabricated things are alot safer then scripts that 100s of people use? Mitch
  3. As the title says i got a premaban after 3 hours, using a fresh account. Did some manual skilling after tutorial island for about 1 hour. then setup TRiLeZ's miner, was using a proxy. after about 3 hours the account got permd. (there were breaks in there where I did some things myself) I was not using LG (looking glass) is this so important to use? could it be because I wasn't using LG? Would writing my own "decent" script keep me from getting any other bans in the future, since I only use it and not 1000's people? Mitch