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  1. only the demon one, I'll try the regular one and see if it speeds it up but this should work for now, thanks for the fast responses
  2. works a bit better now, these are my settings, im getting about 112k xph, is that good?
  3. yeah I was standing away from the wall but sometimes the butler wanders off and then it walks around randomly and goes back to the larder but doesn't call the butler until after a couple misclicks, I'll try to get a gif next time I'm on
  4. that helps a bit but it still could be more efficient because it does misclick quite often and clicks on the minimap after every few larders for no reason, can you make it where it always click call servant if the butler is not next to the player?
  5. is there anyway you can make the script faster? it seems too bot like when it has a delay between selecting each option with keyboard clicks
  6. black jacking is working a bit better but I'm noticing a particular issue still. when it's out of food and tries to unnote, sometimes it will exit the building and close the curtain but then just stand there and not move at all and just gets stuck like that
  7. so LG fix has been included in update or will be updated soon?
  8. I messaged him through Skype which is how he fixed it last time but I have to wait like a week between each response. I'll give it another day or two since it's the weekend and if he still doesn't respond I'll request refund
  9. I waited 3 weeks last time to get plank make fixed and my script expired and I bought it again and now it won't detect mahogany logs, been waiting over a week for this. fix or refund please so I can get a different magic script that actually works
  10. [15:58:28] Downloading script 'Tri AIO Combat & Magic'. [15:58:30] Argument: [15:58:30] Script Started: Tri AIO Combat & Magic. [15:58:30] opening gui [15:58:30] Directory exists [15:58:30] Last Settings Name Loaded [15:58:30] planks [15:58:30] Directory exists [15:58:33] Settings Loaded [15:59:03] Settings Successfully Saved [15:59:03] Directory exists [15:59:05] Start button clicked [15:59:05] Fighting spot plane = 0 [15:59:05] Start button clicked [15:59:05] Start button clicked [15:59:05] Started calculating item prices! [15:59:05] Next eating food at: 0.0 [16:17:09] Ending script, you have no Mahogany logs [16:17:09] Script stopping because we have no Mahogany logs's left in the bank [16:17:14] stopping script because of out of items in bank [16:17:15] Runtime: 00 H 18 M 09 S [16:17:15] Total xp gained: 42120 [16:17:15] Dynamic signature data successully sent, to view your dynamic signature go to: [16:17:15] http://www.tri-scripts.com/Signatures/AIO/porchm.png [16:17:17] Script Ended: Tri AIO Combat & Magic. been having this problem for a while when trying to plank make. took 3 weeks for you to fix plank make clicking and now im having the problem of it not detecting the logs anymore after a few minutes. my script ended because i waited so long for a fix last time. already been a week this time. fix this please or refund
  11. tested it out for a bit, npc searching and running from combat are the main issues im seeing. It hops world sometime for no reason even though theres a bandit inside the tent with me. Also, i was being attacked and it ran outside the tent, closed the tent, but didnt run so the npc could de aggro, it is however working a bit smoother than before, dont know if i can use it without baby sitting though.
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