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  1. The script works well and I'm impressed however I keep running into the same damn issue - The 10 minute activity timer. I can't seem to grasp what is the issue with it. Initially I assumed that there might have been some sort of conflict between the break handler and the script however with with no breaks at all after around 2-3 hours Max the script just says "10 minutes of inactivity" and closes itself. I. can't. understand. I've attempted multiple different cave setups (gears, revs attacked etc) and all the same issue. The bank is fully stoked and there's no issues from that part. It is the only issue from stopping me to try setting up a farm as I can't be constantly checking the accounts every couple of hours to see if they're actually working..
  2. Get it and try it. One thing I would just say is to keep in mind (as with any form of botting) is to be logical and not overdo it or you'll get burned pretty quick esp. w/ this script.
  3. Honestly, In my peak last year I was trading around 120M/Day with 1 mule and never got a RWT ban
  4. Back from a year haitus. Script still works as good as it used too. edit: Any possible chance to add potion decanting?
  5. Zulwah

    The fuk happened

    This. Desperate children attempt to hack your tribot account and then check the usernames in the botting panel.
  6. Probably, neither of my accounts have been banned on the regular client.
  7. prioritize attack. I usually train attack 10 levels above str (eg, if I'm 40 str, I train to 50 attack.) . Reasoning is most items are in 10 level increments (apart from granite)
  8. I never purchase accounts, too sketchy + can't trust the owners won't recover when it's being botted. I train all my accounts and bot the majority of the statas I can't use lg because my pc's garbage, and no i bot multiple items not just zulrah on the accounts (eg, agility) As for profit/acc, my max was almost 425M with one old maxed range tank in february, my minimum was like 40M lol
  9. +- yeah. I've had accounts last over 6 Weeks and ones banned within 1 week. Either way, It's almost guaranteed money back lol
  10. not only one account, but I think i've gone through maybe 14.
  11. you're getting the suck-my-dick-treatment with this obvious scam. "Welcome to Equalz VPS & ACCOUNT SHOP" "ACCOUNT SHOP" Tell me more about this copy/pasted thread you're probably spamming on every single forum you can think of.
  12. I wouldn't trust you with a fucking fresh account off tutorial island.
  13. The same settings i've been using for weeks getting +-15-25M/10Hrs averaging 1.5-2m/hr is now struggling to get 500K/hr I came back home from work yesterday and found out i've died +-65 times with 3-4deaths/hr lol. I'm assuming this has to do with the tribot error you've mentioned above, but thought i'd state also.
  14. You've chosen to ignore content by leoshiro. So it's happened to other people before (wtf lol) did it happen again in other scripts/after or?
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