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  1. It has specifically occurred with Aropopu's agility and erickho's NMZ scripts, but I suspect it will do that to most other scripts. I think I'm gonna switch to running multiple clients instead of tabs. Thanks
  2. Quick question: I'm running 2 tabs on LG and the 2nd tab's paint always displays the experience of the 1st tab's character. It's not really that bothersome, just wondering if I can do anything about it?
  3. Eh I still wouldn't do it on my main. I've done it on 3 diff accounts and 1 was banned while doing it.
  4. I suggest trying fishing trawler yourself just to take a look. It's immediately obvious that like 80% of the people there are bots. I wouldn't risk botting it on a main, that's for sure.
  5. Is @TRiLeZ currently aware of this problem? I'm hoping he is, but there hasn't been much information aside from the update's initial post.
  6. What if you're blind-blind? Like Helen Keller blind
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