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  1. davesingh1995

    starfox sigma magic

    @Starfox I paid you, give me my moneys worth or refund me.
  2. davesingh1995

    starfox sigma magic

    lol goof, I think I know more than you if tribot was down or not, why the fuck would I pay for a script for 30 days and not use it jackass? L00000000000L
  3. davesingh1995

    starfox sigma magic

  4. davesingh1995

    starfox sigma magic

    this is strictly for starfox. I bought your magic script last february, tribot was down and I never got to use it. please grant me 30 days. It is only fair. regards.
  5. fix the god damn script ffs its been since april fuck off I want my $14 back
  6. davesingh1995

    world record down time?

    titles says it all, discuss below.
  7. davesingh1995


    why isnt any bot working? ftwaiofisher broken sigma magic broken whats going on?
  8. davesingh1995


  9. davesingh1995


    Hello, I purchased ftwaio fisha, then I download zee treebot, issa not a load? issa black window pop up zen close.. help!