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  1. The amount of people I see detailing the most minor issues, please check all of worthy's suggestions on the first page and take a look around in the previous forum pages to see if your question has been answered. I purchased this script for the third time 4 days ago and have encountered zero issues with the script. I am a first time botter, this is the first script I ever purchased. I have made nearly 300m with it all on one account without ban. I recommend that you use looking glass and be cautious. Don't bot for too long, take breaks, read the guides that tribot offers on "safe botting." There's no perfect way to bot but just don't be a dumbass. Plenty of people have made far more than me with this. If there is an issue you are encountering, it is likely on your end, not the script's. With that said, the few times I have ever had a minor issue with previous purchases, worthy has been able to respond to my pm's in a very timely manner and resolved any issues with ease. Anyone considering this script, check out the free trial, but realize that you won't be getting max kills/hr until you actually play around with the settings and get familiar with the script (this may take more than the 2hours). Script is beyond worth it, even just on one account, please people, try and cut back on the amount of dumb shit worthy has to reply to, he's busy constantly pushing updates for us.
  2. anyone on a mac have any idea how to fix the bot from freezing as soon as you try to run it? I have tried agility and others without issue. Thanks!
  3. Love your agility script, gotten from mid 40's to high 80's and still going well. Just gave the trial ago for the mining and will for sure be purchasing this script soon.
  4. Great buyer/seller, very friendly, even split into two trades for me. Will def use again!
  5. Thank you! this worked and i got it geared successfully. Only problem now is that when i get to the boat, the script just examines my triednt/blowpipe and does not attempt to board the boat. Any suggestions? Thanks again!
  6. Hi, i need help with the gun settings, in particular I am unable to start the script due to incomplete gear set up. How do i set the gear up, i have loomed at the video in the documentation set up, and it does not help. Thank you very much
  7. Hi, am I able to test this with the free version of triobot or does it have to be a paid version? Also any tips for downloading, have tried and failed to pen the free version several times. Thanks!
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