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  1. How important is the "move mouse of screen" option with the Antiban? When I'm turning this off it gives me significantly more XP. but want to know how important it is for the antiban, since its weird when powermining and your mouse moves off the screen all the time. Thanks, M
  2. @erickho123 It might be just be my case only, i've been using your awesome script for 2 months. I think the script, or client is doing less camera rotations and clicking and f.e examine the zapper, ultimate force etc. Also less clicking on f.e the prayerbook to simply check. i'm not blaming the gui or something else, just something I noticed. could this be right? Thanks
  3. I've used it for two months, I and I agree with this. The script is working flawless, the "antiban" implications which where working perfectly before, are not.
  4. Found it already, did not have runescape zoomed completely out. This affected the mousespeed/clicks somehow. I have it above 100 now and is still faster then 60 on not completely zoomed out!
  5. What is a good mouse speed at Seers Course? It looks like when even i'm putting it to 60-70 its slower then others running there. What is the suggested mousespeed?
  6. Is the camera rotation not working properly after the update? It seems to act different then before the update. At least, that's what I think. Could this be right? Thanks in advance!
  7. Martts

    Selling 5 credits

    Haha I already saw something like this. Unfortunate! will do. Thanks
  8. Martts

    Selling 5 credits

    Hi, I'm relatively new here, but I already achieved my goal (didn't expect it so soon). Thanks to Erickho. I have 5 credits left. If someone is interested from the "trusted" members, please let me know. I will be the first to trade ofcourse.
  9. Martts

    look glass

    If it would only be the client detection it is weird, because earlier before this looking glass thing i've switched a lot between clients and never received a ban (did not bot though). Waiting for LG but normal client seems just fine if you don't bot extremely imho.
  10. Indeed, and try hitting the gym for not to long. Set an hour, with not to many rest between sets. Take a timer or something like that. You see a lot of guys hitting the gym, and taking way to many rest. Furthermore, the more you look into food and examples the more you'll learn and never forget. Also, not supplements needed. Agree as above, you should try eating a lot of boiled eggs, salmon, rice, tuna, oatmeal, nuts, and fruits.
  11. That is why if just a mod, or I don't know who is influencial here just make a topic. Perhaps with a estimated time, maybe with an update. Than everything is clear and you won't have these shitty posts.
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